Ascension Crystals

The human body’s vibrations can move out of its base resonance frequency very easily when we experience any kind of stress. Since we are connected to and influenced by everything, including crystals and stones, our malleable vibrational nature makes it so that just about anything can interact with our energy field and can leave its mark on us.

Our abilities to heal and vibrate at the correct frequencies are already present within the cells of our bodies. They are waiting to oscillate with the correct frequencies.

Where thought goes, energy flows. Quantum physics has proven that our conscious thoughts influence the actions of subatomic particles. Therefore, we are creating our own reality with our thought patterns.

The entire physical universe is made up of pure energy and vibration. Crystals have vibrations just as everything else does, and different forms of matter and energy vibrate at different vibrational frequencies, known as their individual base resonant frequencies. The different frequencies depend on the crystal’s specific molecular composition, size, thickness, and color (light frequencies). This frequency is expressed in units called hertz.

One of the unique features of crystals is that their molecules are arranged in a fixed, regularly repeating pattern. Since they are geometrically perfect, they have the lowest possible state of entropy and easily maintain their base resonant frequency, unlike human beings.

Crystals and stones are healing and ascension supports and do not do all the work by themselves. The individual needing the healing, needs to put their intentions towards their goal. Where thoughts go, energy flows and the stones and crystals will facilitate this. Your intention and intuition are the most powerful factors of whether crystals and stones will work for you.

Stones and crystals are known to heal us, align our chakras or allow us to vibrate at various rates. In order to achieve these results, you need to know what stones resonate at the correct frequency for what you are trying to achieve.

Working With Ascension Crystals and Stones

One way of learning which stones resonate at that correct frequency is to turn to the ancients and their recorded information. Many ancient civilizations (ancient India, China, Egypt, Australian Aboriginies, etc) have already figured out through much meditation and experimentation their individual resonance. They recorded which stones help with what needs or ailments.

Another way to work with crystals is to meditate with them. You can meditate with a crystal and see what they pick up and relate with. Often, people will receive information or specific types of energy when meditating with their stones. Some of this information may come over very powerfully.cleansing ascension crystals

We can also determine resonant frequencies of stones by matching up their color with their corresponding chakra colors. Ensuring that you use ascension crystals or stones whose colors correspond with the chakra colors allows harmonizing photons of light to generate light color healing or therapy.

This type of healing is achieved by introducing light of specific frequencies (colors) into someone’s EMF (electromagnetic fields) which will in turn entrain their emotional and biochemical state.

For example: Lepidolite is a lavender, light purple, or pinkish stone. It’s often used for either the heart or third eye chakras. If it’s more pinkish, I’d use it for the heart chakra. If it’s more purple, it would be used for the third eye chakra.

The heart chakra involves emotional issues and the third eye deals with releasing one’s ego and acceptance of the soul, so it only makes sense that lepidolite resonating with either the purple or pink frequency is known to help in balancing emotional extremes and to teach the mind to live in the “now”.

Color therapy (chromotherapy) also works by permeating a particular light frequency into one’s EMF and surrounding environment. By doing this, you can change one’s emotional and biochemical state in a powerful way.

Choosing the Right Healing Ascension Crystal for You

Finding the right crystal to aid you on your life path is similar to any practice of wellness. Just like yoga or meditation, experts recommend quieting the mind with deep breaths, which helps center the mind and body and bring attention to the present moment. By doing this, you can focus your mind on the true intentions of your life without the distraction of worrying about tomorrow. The future can be a scary concept to contemplate, but when you are fully relaxed mentally and physically, you can begin to hone in on what you need in order to thrive and have control over your destiny.

You don’t choose the ascension crystal or healing stone, it chooses you. Stones may be beautiful on their own with their shimmery and dazzling aesthetics, but if you carefully meditate on why you need it in your life, and how you can use it for healing, happiness, good fortune, or ascension, you’ll find yourself being inexplicably drawn to a particular crystal.

We recommend contemplating on a particular challenge or problem that you’re about to face. Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint, but if your intentions feel too vague or general, here are a few questions that can help in choosing the perfect stones for your particular spiritual and healing needs.

Stand in the presence of the stone or hold it in your hand and ask a few simple questions:

  • Will this ascension crystal protect me on my journey?
  • What is a good course of action for my particular challenge?
  • What does the future hold?

Ask the crystal for guidance or insight into a problem or conflict that’s on your mind.

Listen…. It seems self-explanatory, but with garden variety emotional issues such as denial, anger, or depression making your spiritual vision cloudy, listening to your mind and body in a state of deep peace and relaxation is the best way to invite the perfect energy into your life. Walk around a crystal store and choose whatever stone stands out among the others. If you feel sensations such as hot, cold, pulsations, or calmness and peace, then it’s a clear sign that the crystal is perfect for your healing needs.

Cleansing Crystals With The Full Moon

Why do we need to cleanse the crystal?

When we use the word “cleanse”, we mean an energetic cleanse, not a physical one. It’s like a re-tuning of the crystal’s energy. When we work with a crystal it can absorb some of the negative energy and change its vibrational frequency. After you have worked with them, you want to help them get their energy and vibrational frequency back to its original perfect state.

It’s like playing guitar. After you have played it for a while, you need to retune it to get it back to perfect playing order.

How Often do you Need to Cleanse Crystals?

If it’s a crystal you work with often, then put it out at every Full Moon. If you have crystals that typically are not worked with, then once or twice a year is sufficient. If you feel your crystal needs cleansing between the full moons, there are other cleansing methods available that you can do anytime.

Note: There are certain crystals that do not absorb negative energy and never need cleansing or energizing. Azeztulite is one of the 4 known crystals that never need cleansing or energizing.

Are There Any Crystals That Shouldn’t Go In the Moonlight?

The short answer is no. While there are those crystals that do not need to be cleansed or energized, this method is safe for all crystals. The only thing you need to watch out for is whether it’s going to rain out or not. Some crystals, like Selenite, are not safe to be out in the rain. There are some crystals that should avoid water.

What Time of Day is Best to Put The Crystals Outside?

Any time after it gets dark is the perfect time. This way the crystals that should avoid sunlight, like Amethyst, are not put out until the sun has gone down.

A Word About Dealing With High Vibrational Frequency Ascension Crystals

I work with some very high vibration ascension crystals on a daily basis. These are crystals that vibrate between a 5th dimensional and 7th dimensional frequency. Currently I’m working with Azeztulite which has one of the highest vibrational frequencies for an ascension crystal.

If your vibrational frequency is still in 3rd dimension or 4th dimension, I wouldn’t recommend using an ascension crystal like Azeztulite. Because your frequencies do not align, it can throw you completely off balance. You may be completely disoriented, feel nauseous, and emotionally unstable.

When you work with ascension crystals, you are going to be forced to face not only your ‘shadow self’, but many, if not all, of your repressed emotions and insecurities. The energies within the crystal will bring the pain, unhealed emotions, and any other issues you need to deal with, directly to the surface. It can be a very unpleasant experience, and it doesn’t always happen while you’re meditating with your crystal. Sometimes they will present themselves to you in your dreams, where you are asked to acknowledge the fears and pain associated with the incident, accept it for what it truly is, and then set it free with love. Other times the baggage will come at you when you are out shopping and are truly unprepared to deal with them.

Since ascension crystals help to align the base chakras as well as the higher spiritual chakras, all blocks and unhealed issues must be dealt with inside each individual chakra before it can be completely unblocked and healed. Be prepared to ‘face your demons’ when working with ascension crystals.

Choose your ascension crystals and healing crystals wisely. Know your intentions for the crystal. Research the crystal and how it can help you. Work with it and work through your individual issues to bring yourself to proper balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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