Hello Divinity Magazine Readers!

I’m sure you have all realized by now that Divinity Magazine has been in shut down mode for the last several months. We went offline back at the beginning of March 2020, before the COVID pandemic after losing the life of a family member and business partner.

Over the last several months we have had to deal with the legal end of that, along with decide how we would continue to run Divinity Magazine. During that time we did not accept any new article submissions or collaborations from anyone.

But, we are now pleased to announce that Divinity Magazine will be coming back online in early August 2020 with a whole new look and focus.

During the last few months, on top of everything else, I put myself back in school to learn something new. I finally finished the course for Diet and Nutrition Advisor (Nutritionist). Woot Woot!

In light of the latest pandemic, and the increasing numbers globally, I have decided to center our content in the upcoming months around Nutrition, strengthening the immune system, increasing our physical activity and beyond to help more and more people focus on their health.

During July 2020 we will be making the following changes to Divinity Magazine:

For Our Readers:

  1. The entire site is getting a cosmetic upgrade. We’ll be changing the entire look and feel aesthetically.
  2. We will be revamping our categories and the navigation of the site to make it much easier for you, our readers to find the information you’re looking for.
  3. We will be centering our content around Nutrition, Health, Fitness, Organic Gardening, and Emergency Preparedness.
  4. We will be changing our structure for guest contributors and accepting only the highest quality content and contributors.
  5. We will be adding a premium magazine subscription for Divinity Magazine. It will be offered online as a flip book magazine. We will be offering high-quality content within the magazine that will not be offered on our website.
  6. We will be turning our content into video as well to accomodate the readers who would rather watch a video than read a web page. Each content page will contain both the written article, as well as the accompanying video.
  7. As many of you know I am a Psychologist. I hold a PhD in Behavioral Psychology and I concentrate the majority of my offline life to Coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy through hypnotherapy. I will be merging that into Divinity Magazine as well to help create the biggest impact for our viewers.

For Our Contributors:

  1. We value our contributors and their quality content as much as we value our readers. Our focus is to bring the highest quality content to our audiences in order to impact their lives in a positive way. You help us achieve that goal with your contributions.
  2. Our guidelines for contributors will become much stricter and we will be accepting only the best of the best.
  3. Contributors will at times be asked to create content for our premium subscription as well.
  4. We will be including many more ways for advertisers to reach our audience through both our website and our premium magazine to create strong partnerships with other related businesses as well.
  5. We will be adding a subdomain linked directly to this one to create a directory of Naturopathic doctors, Master Herbalists, and other certified practitioners dealing with natural health. We want to create the largest global database for our readers to access natural health healing solutions in their areas. If you are one, or you know of one, reach out to us to find out more.

There will be a lot of exciting changes coming to Divinity Magazine over the next month. We thank you deeply for standing by us and supporting us through this. We wish you and your families love, peace, joy and laughter as always.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Kimberly Shukla

Divinity Magazine, Founder & CEO

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