Crystal Star Children

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and read the article on Crystal Children- Who They Are & Who They Aren’t before getting into this one. Once you’ve done that, we can proceed with learning about Star Children.

There are different names given to all crystal children. Some refer to us as starseeds, rainbow children, or group everyone as a star child of some sort. As we’ve already discussed, there are 3 categories of Crystal children: Indigo, Crystal Star Children, and Pure Crystal Children.

Not only am I an Indigo adult myself, I have brought 5 crystal children into this world to help with the mission that we are facing at this time as the planet and humanity shifts towards a 5th dimensional consciousness.

Star children have come into the world to follow the Indigo children and adults. After the Indigos have completed their mission of tearing down and shifting old, outdated systems, institutions, and beliefs, it will be time for the Star children and Pure crystal children to build a new foundation of peace and harmony. Their purpose is to assist movement into a new world of 5th dimensional consciousness.

Star children came to the earth beginning in the 1980’s and they were birthed by Indigo adults. They are often misdiagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome or Autism.

They have a very energetic spirit and are very connected to the Earth. They came to teach compassion, tolerance, patience, and gentleness.

Star children begin their missions by helping parents and immediate family raise their awareness, by directing them to question life beyond the material.

Star Children Characteristic

  • Born to at least 1 indigo adult:  Star children have all been brought into this earth by being born to an Indigo adult. As we all carefully choose our parents before incarnating here in order to provide the best opportunity for us to learn the lessons we are here to learn, so too does a star child choose an Indigo parent (Spiritual warrior) because of their higher vibrational alignment, in order to provide the most spiritual lessons for their journey.
  • Seem disinterested in socializing: They tend to refrain from prolonged interaction with others. They can appear quite detached from the world around them. Most will view star children as being weird or eccentric. They know they’re different, even if they don’t quite know why. They don’t pretend to be anyone but themselves.
  • Don’t feel like they have much in common with others: Sometimes they can’t understand why people do what they do, or like what they like. They tend to feel more comfortable around people with higher vibrations who are more consciously aware.
  • Have a unique intelligence: They utilize both hemispheres of the brain in such a way, that they see things from a perspective that unifies the spiritual and scientific. Their intelligence can be difficult to categorize or define. They love to delve into the mysteries of the universe, from a scientific as well as spiritual perspective. They have a unique ability to understand and rationalize intuitive knowing.
  • Wisdom beyond their years: Many people think star children are geniuses due to the large concepts they can easily understand. They understand things beyond their physical form and the limits of Earth.
  • Very Clairvoyant: Their 3rd eye chakra is very open. They have an intuitively heightened level of sensory perception, and often begin channelling at a very early age. They’re very skilled at channeling information that comes from light beings and other dimensions that co-exist with Earth.
  • Empathic and Aware: They act like observers of others, rather than participants in conversations or activities that people engage in. They’re curious about people and especially how they love. They’re sensitive to body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice that reveal more than words do. They feel or sense the emotions and thought vibrations of others- especially those they are closest to. They’re easily influenced energetically. They absorb the emotions of others and take them on as their own.
  • Very energetically sensitive:  They are like energetic sponges. If they have been with someone who is aggressive, they will come back very aggressive. If you are feeling frustration, anger, or irritation inside, they will act in the same way back to you. Keep your energies in check around them and be mindful of who they are spending their time with.
  • Stimulated by the Search for Knowledge: They hold a special interest in space or the universe and are more energetically impacted by the Cosmic activations and events. They truly understand the meaning of life and will ask questions like, “how was the Earth created?” or “Where do I come from?” They show fascination in many subjects. If a subject doesn’t interest them or they feel the information is useless on some level, they tend to “tune it out” and only absorb what excites their passion and curiosity.
  • Know they have lived several past lives: Our consciousness, of who we are, remains unchanging from incarnation to incarnation. Our consciousness is immortal and can travel through many changing bodies in time. Star children often remember their past lives in vivid detail and bring their knowledge with them through each incarnation.
  • Find love everywhere: Unconditional love is all around for the star children because they can see beyond the negative emotions and transmute negativity into positivity. They have a high degree of emotional intelligence and can spread positive emotions to those who are being outwardly negative.

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