The 11th Chakra (Mind Over Matter) The Angelic Chakra

The 11th Chakra, the angelic chakra contains the programming of the soul for this lifetime and the history of the soul. It’s through our connection and understanding of this chakra that we gain or effect our own healings, insights, learn our lessons, understand the soul contracts and begin to understand our life purpose.

The 11th chakra is considered a channel for prophecy and governs your ability to transcend time and space and allows you to access the Akashic records (Book of Life).

As we continue to evolve as physical/ spiritual beings our understanding of this chakra is strengthened. We can begin to see (re-remember) the goals we came into this life to achieve. As we grow in understanding, we can endeavor to achieve those goals by living our life in the flow of its purpose instead of against it.

Typically, it can take a number of years for the spiritual chakra to completely open up. The 11th and 12th chakra take by far the longest time to fully blossom. It can take 1 to 7 years for the chakras 8 to 10 to open and another additional 1 to 5 years for the 11th chakra to open.

The 12th chakra is the last to open, and it will not begin to open until the 11th chakra is well on its way. The length of time it takes for these chakras to open depends on the individual person and the rate at which they are evolving.

The 11th chakra contains the energetic connections that are required so the individual can manifest advanced spiritual skills, like travel beyond the limits of time and space, teleportation, bi-location, telekenisis and instantaneous precipitation of thought into matter.

And while this chakra possesses these skills, you will not actually start to manifest or master the skills until the 12th chakra starts to open.

The purpose of the advanced skill development is to help prepare you for the next phase in your existence after ascension. The 11th chakra contains the path of the soul in its new form without the restrictions of matter, time and space. It’s a glimpse of yourself in your ascended form while still retaining much physical matter.

At this stage in the development the individual person has merged with the Soul (mother aspect of divinity) and will soon merge with the Monad (father aspect of divinity). The soul (small ‘s’) is often referred to as the human’s core self that has learned all the physical lessons. It’s referred to as the mother aspect of divinity. At some point during the opening of the 8th to 10th chakra we merge with the Soul.

The next step is to merge with the Monad which begins when the 11th and 12th chakras begin to open. Complete merging with the Monad level of divinity results in Ascension and the annihilation of the physical body and replacement of the light body.

When the 11th chakra starts to open we become aware of the larger picture of our multidimensional self; our existence in physical reality is just one manifestation of many simultaneous other existences on other planes of existence. This opening gives us a hint of what awaits us after ascension: the working towards becoming conscious on all planes of existence, not just the physical one.

When this awakening to the more expansive self begins, we may get glimpses of our existence in these other dimensions. It can be confusing for a while and you may feel like you’re losing your grip on reality, but these sporadic glimpses into larger dimensions are normal at this stage of awakening. The Monad is waking up in the physical self and starting to introduce you gradually to what awaits you.

As a result of this expanse in consciousness, many healings on this chakra will help you to cope with the changes in your experiences beyond the physical. It’s important that this chakra opens in a gradual and even manner, otherwise you’re thrust into what seems like a chaotic existence. Typically the opening and integration of this chakra goes smoothly, but some people are in the habit of pushing themselves hard throughout their evolutionary process. When they come to this stage it seems like nothing is happening. They respond by pushing harder, when the fact is that a great deal is occurring without their knowledge.


Healing the 11th Chakra

Rose light to the 11th chakra can help a lot. It introduces the energy of self-love and that everything is as it should be. It allows you to trust what is happening and to just go with the flow. Most of the unrest occurs within the first year or so of this chakra opening. After that period, you will be much more accustomed to the changes.

Working on the 11th chakra can be a little tricky because the 11th chakra is located about 15 feet above the crown chakra. Place one hand on the heart chakra and the other on the Solar Plexus chakra. Imagine and feel yourself moving up through the body to the 11th chakra. Let the rose light flow into this chakra.

Typically the 11th chakra problems (besides the ones mentioned already)will deal with the implementation of advanced spiritual skills. Understand that these skills won’t really manifest until the 12th chakra starts to open, but once it does, you will have to go in and try to rewire the skill that seems to be erratic. The rewiring technique is similar to what we talked about with the 9th chakra. The mantra for this chakra is NEE-PEE-TAH.  Vibrate the name silently until you start to see the inner circuitry with your inner vision or your hands start to move making the connections.

When you feel that the healing is complete then seal the chakra with rose light. Allow yourself to take it easy and rest for the next few days as the rewiring settles into your energy field. A healing on the 11th chakra will take 1-4 weeks to affect you on a physical level, and then an even improvement will be seen over time. If necessary, you can repeat the process of healing the 11th chakra but no sooner than 6-8 weeks from the previous healing.

The 11th chakra is your spiritual library. In that library are the total contents that you will need to operate as a human and divine. Sometimes the content has to be put in order or some housekeeping done, much like an actual the way an actual librarian takes care of a public library.

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  • Elizabeth Jane
    Posted June 2, 2020 4:29 PM

    I have been a Religious Scientist for a long time,..and have studied what is thought of as metaphysical,..but thank God,… you have the knowledge and advancement to bring about the next step of WONDER!! I may have found what I need to fulfill the prompts from the Divine. Thank you very much.

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