How You Too Can Benefit From These transcendental meditation Methods


Is Transcendental Meditation a Hippie Fad?

People are busier than ever and work harder than before. The effects of all this hard work may lead to high transcendental meditation maharishi effectcholesterol, insomnia, weight gain and sometimes even depression. What if we could reverse all of those negative symptoms and live healthier, happier lives? Many say, that is exactly what Transcendental Meditation does – it “erases” the stress caused to the body and reverses negative effects of stress and poor habits.

Transcendental meditation is an effortless, mantra-focused meditation technique based on the ancient Vedic concept of enlightenment. It was introduced to the Western world by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi nearly 50 years ago. Its purpose, according to the Transcendental Meditation Program, is to reach a peaceful level of consciousness, so “your brain functions with significantly greater coherence and your body gains deep rest.”

Sit down comfortably with your eyes closed and mentally repeat a mantra (sacred sound or word) for 20 minutes.


What Effect Does Transcendental Meditation Have on The Body?

The first two days, I was exhausted. Really. I felt awkward and tired, not quite myself. I even yawned during class. Why was relaxing and meditating making me even more tired than before?

On the third day everything changed. I felt vibrant and energetic. I felt a unique sense of mental clarity and focus that I had not felt in a long time. Quite suddenly, I wasn’t run down and was thinking clearer than I ever had. It was like a mental fog had been lifted from my brain. Was this because of the meditation?

According to the Maharishi Foundation, the benefits of practicing transcendental meditation (TM) are astounding and supported by more than 600 health studies proving its efficacy.

One of them, conducted by the National Institutes of Health in 2008, showed that transcendental meditation was the most effective stress reduction program for lowering blood pressure.

Other studies with similar results have been conducted at 210 independent universities and research institutions in 33 countries, including Harvard, Yale, and UCLA Medical School.

According to findings, TM touts benefits ranging from decreased stress, lower cholesterol, improved sleeping cycles, increased creativity, better memory function, and improved  attention in children with ADHD.  I trust scientific research, but I didn’t expect to see any significant effects on my body, at least not right away.

Transcendental meditation relaxes the mind and body and helps us with self-development.

One of the initial side effects of transcendental meditation is fatigue. The body, while gaining deeper rest during the meditation practice, catches up on what it has been missing. Thus, fatigue is a byproduct as the body works through this the first few days.

The extreme fatigue wears off after a few days of continued practice and slowly develops into more mental clarity and higher energy levels.


Even The World’s Elite Practice Transcendental Meditation

In a city where money is a mantra, a surprising new trend is keeping Wall Street titans grounded, even as markets fluctuate.

Some of New York’s most successful finance and business leaders—including billionaire hedge funder Dan Loeb and Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio—have adopted the daily practice of transcendental meditation.

And if the city’s billionaire hedge funders can achieve “mastery of the sky” along with their good deeds, that’s just a bonus.


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