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yoga for dental health

Yoga is considered to be one of the most effectual and valuable tools with the help of which people are capable of leading a better life to overcome their psychological and physical problems. The stress contributes significantly to the periodontal disease pathology.

That is why it is imperative that you make an effort to reduce this stress and doing yoga is the best way to achieve it. Not just that, yoga can also help to enhance your oral health in a variety of other ways.

If you have tremendous toothache at the wee hours of night and you are not able to find respite, then don’t fret! Something as basic as honey, garlic, pepper and cloves found in the kitchen can come to your rescue in this regard.

But now there is one more thing that can help you to keep the dental problems at bay and that happens to be yoga. By adopting yoga in your daily life, you can do away with a lot of oral problems and achieve a gorgeous, trouble-free smile.

The perks of yoga are not confined to just augmenting the flexibility of the body or improving the mental health. It also helps in improving the oral health to a great extent.

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Here are some of the ways in which yoga assists in improving the oral health. Just take a look.

Yoga Encourages More Production of Saliva – Saliva is responsible for making the food easier to swallow and washing away the minute food debris as well as the harmful bacteria from the surface of the gums and teeth. An increased level of saliva ensures a decreased rate of bacterial growth in the mouth. A reduced production of saliva is signified by bad breath as the reduced saliva is unable to remove the bacteria from the mouth. The severe dry mouth can increase the gum diseases, the plaque build-up and the decaying of teeth. For this you can go for certain breathing techniques while practising the yoga. The inverted and forward poses as well as certain twists are known to improve the production of saliva.

Yoga Helps to Cure TMJ Disorder – Posture has one of the most significant roles to play for the betterment of your oral health. Your head can fall forth because of poor posture which pushes the jaw and affects the teeth alignment. If you don’t take actions to cure this then it can lead to the issues in the jaw like the TMJ or the temporomandibular joint disorder. The side-effects of the TMJ disorder include chronic pain, headaches, uneven teeth wear, pain at the time of jaw opening, cracked teeth and pain at the time of swallowing and chewing. Fortunately, yoga can assist to improve posture and help to take off the strains from the jaw and the neck. There are various healthy posture poses that you can try in this regard. Your jaw and your entire body will feel much more relaxed and fitter you can practise yoga on a regular basis.

Yoga Assists to Reduce Swelling and Inflammation of Gums – Stress can enhance the body’s inflammation. Under the usual circumstances, the presence of certain types of oral bacteria can lead to the inflammation of gums. The chronic stress can worsen this swelling enhancing the gum disease risk. Herein comes in yoga that is known to engage both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. This will not only wade of teeth grinding but also the inflammation and swelling of the gums.

Yoga Also Keeps the Cavities at Bay – Stress, one of the evils of modern lifestyle can also lead to the emotional eating. This emotional eating which mostly includes the starchy and sugary snacks can wreak havoc on your oral health. If your mouth is exposed to this kind of bacteria constantly it creates the perfect ambience that promotes the development of cavities. But with yoga you not only can discard stress but also the development of cavities as it can prevent the emotional eating arising out of stress.

Yoga Assists to Heal Stammering – Yoga does not help with the basic oral problems but also assists in improving the complicated issues like pronunciation, speech and much more. What’s more, yoga also helps to do away with stammering that can impact the quality of life in a massive way.

The above are some of the ways in which yoga helps to cure oral health issues.  You should consult with most reputed dentist in Bushwick who can assist you with the right yoga poses that can turn out to be most effective for your oral health. By embracing yoga, you can, therefore, have a fit body, a relaxed and creative mind and million-dollar smile which you will love to flaunt wherever you go without any side-effect.

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