Medically, cannabis has been in use for many years. However, its value has recently climbed with the many medical discoveries arising after its legalization in different states. Now, the debate is much more widespread, and the potential cannabis has is not yet fully explored. People generally accept the pain relieving aspect of cannabidiol. However, if it possibly can aid in providing a cure for dangerous or terminal diseases, it is yet to come to light. Many say information is power. To inform you of its potential, here are five dangerous illnesses that CBD can provide a cure.

  1. Cancer

cbd oil and cancer


Cancer is a terminal disease that affects very many people. Even though it’s curable if discovered in its early stages, many are the times it too late in the latter stages. The removal of cancer cells is not exactly a form of cure for cancer. It only offers a chance for the patients to rehabilitate and make a full recovery. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body intending to provide pain relief. Studies done indicate that CBD can provide pain relief at short notice. It suggests that CBD oil compounds can interfere with the growth of tumor cells in the body. Besides, it has a link to the elimination of cancer cells by eliminating an essential protein associated with cancer cell growth.

  1. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

cbd oil for als


The neurodegenerative disorder gained popularity a few years ago. Since then, it has continuously secured funds aimed at learning more on it. The disease affects the spinal cord leading to paralysis, loss of motor cortex. Ontario cannabis applies to the management of this complex disease. It promotes muscle relaxation, stimulates individual appetite levels essential in a patient who has ALS. Besides, its neuro-protective effects and antioxidant capabilities increase the lifespan of different neurons in the body. Furthermore, CBD oil acts as analgesia, reduce drooling and induce sleep for the patient to sleep encouraging the growth of an individual’s immune system

  1. Parkinson’s Disease

It is a neurodegenerative disorder that is progressive. It is a chronic disease characterized by increased body tremors, rigidity, changes in your speech, and body posture, among others. The disease affects nerve cells present in the brain responsible for the production of dopamine. The condition has no known cure; medicine provided aims at providing relief for the symptoms a patient experiences. According to studies done, cannabidiol present in CBD oil can reduce the symptoms of this disease to the extent of offering a cure for it.

  1. Multiple Sclerosis

cbd for multiple sclerosis


It is a clinical term used to describe the weakening of the CNS i.e., the central nervous system of an individual. The weakening of the CNS translates to the loss of all its functionalities, thus the death of an individual’s reality as we know it. Evidence seen in different research done indicates hope if not for a cure for MS, then at least an improved way of managing its symptoms.  CBD oil can be acquired at any online dispensary Canada and in other states where cannabis is legal. It means many people have the chance to experiment with it. Discoveries made include its ability to reduce inflammation in the brain and the spinal cord one of MS symptoms. Besides, Axonal damage levels are low for experiments which use cannabinoids. It is a subject that has the potential to develop into a possible solution with further studies. Furthermore, cannabinoids prevent neuropathic transmission, which protects the patient by avoiding pain pulses from passing through.


cbd for hiv aids


It is a disease that has characterized a lot of suffering in the past. Today, people have developed and found a way to manage this menace of a disease. The disease is preventable and the effects an individual can suppress but whose effects are apparent for all to see. No cure for the disease has been discovered.

CBD oil improves an individual’s appetite levels, depression, reduces muscle pain, nausea, nerve pain among others. It is also said to inhibit the sarcoma neoplasms from growing. These are mainly present in people who have HIV/ AIDS and are the causatives of the disease. Therefore, using cannabis in the treatment of HIV/AIDS is a study that requires further investigations to find a cure.


The diseases discussed are not only dangerous but also terminal. Their symptoms are manageable to a certain level and the rest happens only with time. However, with the availability of cannabis i.e. medical CBD oil, we stand a chance of taking matters into our own hands and saving time, our loved ones if not friends and relatives. What we need is further studies, research done using cannabis as the base of the reviews for fast and efficient results in the development of a cure.


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