The 4th Navel Chakra

Located 2 to 3 inches below the belly button, the Navel chakra is the source of personal power and governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation.

This is the center of energy that is the gravity balance point in the body.

When you feel self-confident, have a strong sense of purpose, and are self-motivated, your navel chakra is open and healthy.

The Navel Chakra is energetically related to our self-value in relationships with others and the world around us. It stokes the fire that moves prana (life force) through in the body. It allows us to live with the instincts of personal empowerment and positive self-esteem that compliments developing a healthy ego.

The 5th Dimensional Expanded Navel Chakra

Our navel chakra works to unify our energies with those of all other forms of life. When it’s in place, awake and spinning, we are fully aware of our infinite connection to the universe.

As the higher ascension energies continue to flood the Earth, they are bringing this chakra into operation. This will assist us to come together in communities of unconditional love. People will learn to cooperate for the highest good and see the best in one another. Cultures will respect and honor their differences.

Archangel Gabriel assists with the development of the navel chakra, and when it spins at a 5th dimensional frequency, we start to experience lessons that pertain to our divine mission.

Our soul families are drawn to us at this time and a spiritual support network forms around us to guide us on to the golden pathway. These events have been orchestrated to flow simultaneously and very quickly. We now have the additional benefits of social media to connect us to the like-minded people around the world, and this enables us to share our knowledge and understandings with others on a daily basis.

The navel chakra allows us to experience true perception and Oneness. When we are aware of our true essence, we see the world around us with enlightened vision.

Our universal connection to other soul’s is so powerful, that many are now waking up and are taking immediate action to bring balance to Earth.

Examples of the navel chakra working can be seen everywhere, as the higher forces create events that invoke a sense of community, in the hearts of the masses. Even some challenging circumstances are allowing people to meet and communicate with a sense of togetherness.

When we focus on the connection that our navel chakra reveals to us, we can begin to understand the deeper layers of our existence. It connects us to the incredible energies of the universe and we can link into the higher dimensions.

The higher dimensions are filled with the illuminated souls who have guided us since our journey first began. As we fully accept our infinite bond to them, their energy is drawn to us. We then begin to embody Christ Light in all that we think and do.

This process is one of the most powerful that we as humans can experience. It allows us to embrace every soul as our brother or sister, regardless of where they are or what they are doing.

The inhabitants of Golden Atlantis experienced the power of the Navel chakra fully and lived in a state of Oneness with each other. They knew the ground they walked on was a conscious entity, so they honored it. They loved the birds because they knew they were the messengers of the angels. They worshipped the stars because they knew that they were flooding them with higher light.

Every person they met was seen as a brother or a sister, regardless of their genetic connection to them. Their ability to embrace others was their key to achieving the higher aspects of physical ascension on Earth. Their lives were filled with love and beauty on a daily basis.

Every experience of unity was recorded in their navel chakras. As we now remember how our chakras work, we can access these memories that are stored here.

The next phase of our ascension process is being orchestrated to unify our societies once again, but there is still a great deal of work to do before we can achieve this.

As we start to work on a deeper level with our navel chakras, we will see them begin to glow with golden light. This begins as a small dot in the center and spreads outwards as we expand into a state of higher consciousness.

When we learn to accept everyone on Earth as a part of ourselves, we will experience the unity that existed in Atlantis. Earth will move permanently into the 5th dimension and we will live as one with Source.


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