Root Chakra/ Base Chakra

The Root Chakra is the first chakra of your physical body and is located at the base of your spine, near your tailbone.

Your Root chakra is connected to your sense of belonging, feeling grounded, and safety. Your connection to your family, your ancestry, and planet Earth all reside here in your body.

It’s essential to pay attention to your Root Chakra in order for the others to function well. The keyword here is survival. All your survival instincts, resilience, and self-preservation characteristics live here.

If you’ve recently had surgery, a major illness, or trauma like physical violence or betrayal, or if you have a history that includes neglect, abandonment, or instability, your Root Chakra needs support.

Unbalanced Root Chakra:

  • Feeling spacey, distracted, or scattered
  • Bowel disorders (like constipation and/or diarrhea)
  • Chronic illness
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Unexplained or random pains throughout your body
  • Lack of focus or motivation
  • Long-term feelings of vulnerability
  • Paranoia
  • Aggression, quick-tempered
  • Insecurity
  • Inability to relax
  • Struggle to achieve your goals
  • Lack of confidence to set goals
  • Obesity
  • Selfishness
  • Greedy
  • Lifelessness
  • Indifference
  • Materialistic
  • Sadistic
  • Fear of change
  • Egoistic
  • Rigid boundaries
  • Hoarding
  • Material fixation
  • Lethargic
  • Overabundance
  • Boredom
  • Unable to relax
  • Overeating
  • Sluggish, lazy, tired
  • Insensitive
  • Quick mood swings
  • Domineering
  • Addiction to security
  • Pessimistic
  • Difficulty letting go
  • Depression
  • Sexual energy is entirely genital
  • Hibernation
  • Worried
  • Cold-hearted
  • Phobias
  • Confused
  • Insecurity
  • Cold feet
  • Withdrawn
  • Cowardice
  • Disinterested
  • Suspicious
  • Uncommitted
  • Masochistic
  • Fearful/ panic
  • Absent minded
  • No confidence
  • Hopelessness
  • Little interest in sex
  • Financial difficulty
  • Chronic disorganization
  • Poor focus & discipline
  • Disconnection from body
  • Sense of not belonging
  • Can’t achieve goals
  • Suicidal
  • Lower back pain, herniated discs and spinal issues
  • Sciatica problems
  • Living in the past
  • Drug addictions
  • Bladder problems
  • Urethral problems
  • Colon problems
  • Gynecological problems
  • Fluid retention
  • Cancer
  • Herpes
  • Arthritis
  • Colon disorders
  • Poverty
  • Recklessness & carelessness
  • Identity crisis
  • Accident prone
  • Weak ego structure
  • Dependent personality
  • Being in survival mode

Balanced Root Chakra

  • Feeling incredibly healthy
  • Stable
  • Relaxed
  • Trusting
  • Secure
  • Material Prosperity
  • Abundance of energy
  • Abundance thinking in all areas of life
  • Centeredness
  • Calmness
  • Prepared
  • Lots of common sense
  • At ease with yourself- mentally & physically
  • Proper weight; physically fit
  • Happiness in job/ career
  • General sense of well-being & satisfaction with life
  • Feeling of security and safety
  • Ease of letting go of people, places, situations & things that are no longer needed.


The Expanded 5th Dimensional Root Chakra

The 5th dimensional base chakra is the anchor point for our ascended mastery. It’s sometimes called the Seat of the Soul and enables us to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

When we embody our higher aspects, we begin our ascension process and this chakra glows with bright platinum light. Archangel Gabriel is responsible for the nurturing of the Base Chakra in the early stages of its development and assists us in purifying the lower energies that it may contain.

In the 3rd dimension, the Base Chakra glowed a deep red. This color represented the survival emotions that were experienced here on Earth, and many souls became lost within their lessons. As a result of this, many people began looking to flawed leaders and teachers to make them feel safe. This is now rapidly changing as the platinum light of faith, trust, joy, and harmony flows into our base chakras, attracting happy circumstances.

When Earth began her ascension process, we were able to reconnect with our mighty I AM Presence, our divine spark. This encouraged many lightworkers to begin to anchor the higher aspects of themselves into their four-body system. When the 5th dimensional base chakra is fully anchored, it expands until the division between Higher Self and Lower Self ceases to exist. We become our Higher Self.

The base chakra frequency tries to draw to our attention an understanding of who we truly are and this is one of the most common lessons that it’s teaching us on the master pathway.

Our emotional body is part of our four-body system and holds the memories of our lives in a physical body. Archangel Gabriel combined his pure light with Archangel Christiel’s to help us clear our emotional bodies quickly. Working together for the highest good of Earth and humanity, they have created a mixture of the Diamond Ray of Purification and the Cosmic Christ Light that is released for us at every full moon.

After every succeeding full moon, a higher energy becomes available to us and our base chakra can anchor it. This process also strengthens our Antakarana bridge, which connects us directly to our monad in the higher dimensions.

When we really understand the possibilities of our power and abilities, our beliefs about ourselves will expand. Often, our guides and angels will present scenarios in order to empower us and encourage us to step into our higher roles. The base chakra assists us by offering memories or prompts from previous incarnations that show us a higher light. Any memories that do not serve are left behind.

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