5th Dimensional Consciousness- Atlantis Then & Now


Many thousands of years ago, in Atlantis, children and adults lived in harmony with one another and the Earth. They lived in a heart-centered, 5th dimensional consciousness, full of light and love. The people of Atlantis understood and respected Universal Laws and principles. They lived in balance with all that existed within our universe.

The people of Atlantis were born connected to their light bodies, and were sustained by the elements of the crystal kingdom, the stars and planets. They were completely supported by the higher spiritual realms, overseen by the Elohim, the Galactic Council.

The Atlanteans understood the power of crystals, and harnessed their technology to heat and light their houses, in much the same way that we would today with solar panels.

Light body chambers were created along specific energetic gridlines. Today, we refer to these gridlines as leylines. These lightbody chambers were crystalline in nature, and because they were built on powerful energy lines, they could use these chambers to bring their bodies back into an energetic balance.

The pyramids all over the world as we know them today, are massive lightbody chambers for healing and ascension, harnessing the powerful electromagnetic energy of Gaia (the Earth).pyramid lightbody chambers

During this time, priests and priestesses were given roles of working with the crystal technology to sustain the planet. While doing this, they worked closely with other galaxies.

Since we are all energetically, intrinsically connected with all that exists through energetic grids on the Earth, which are sustained and fed by the Universal Stellar grids- what we were doing energetically then, did and still does, affect all that exists universally. We are all universally connected.

Many of the priests and priestesses of the time decided to use their knowledge of crystal technology for self-gain. Their left their heart consciousness and moved towards ego-consciousness. This abuse of power caused massive damage to the crystal grids of the Earth.

We can see the consequence of this today within the Bermuda Triangle. This is a direct result of the abuse of power within Atlantis. Several of the priests and priestesses tried to create a new Merkabah field for the earth, which caused an energetic ripple throughout the universe. It was then decided that Atlantis needed to be sunk before any more harm could be caused.


The Fall of Atlantis

Atlantis was the last Golden Age on earth where humanity was 5th dimensional, connected to their lightbody.

After the fall of Atlantis, the earth descended into a time of density and darkness, where humanity descended into 3rd dimensional energy and reality. We completely disconnected from our lightbody and from that time forward, we were only able to connect with our light bodies at the time of our death.

The cycle of 3rd dimensional reality took 26,000 years to complete, and finally ended on December 21, 2012. It was the end of the time where humanity was at its densest. We then only had 2 stands of our 12 strand DNA left connected; one for reproduction and basic survival, and one for our heart.

A plan for Earth was set in place 26,000 years ago that Earth would become a Universal Healing Station, not only for humanity, but for all universal galaxies.

Special souls chose to incarnate here on Earth because ours is the only realm where a soul can be physical in nature, and have a physical heart, an emotional heart, and an energetic heart.

Being a soul here at this time is one of the hardest incarnations to choose because it means descending into a physical body and experiencing the lower emotions.

Because of this plan for the Earth, it meant that Gaia herself had to be ready for the incoming souls who would be born everyday from 1999 (crystal children), with a new 5th dimensional crystalline body, crystalline grid template, and connected to their lightbodies. This would allow them to be energetically supported and sustained by Gaia.

As the consciousness and frequency of Gaia (Mother Earth) herself shifted, humanity experienced a shift as well that could be sustained by the new grid of the Earth.

All souls who were here in 2012 were reconnected to their lightbody, which on a physical level, caused and still causes many lightbody symptoms, as the lgithbody reaches an external energy field, attempts to integrate with the physical body, infusing every cell of the body with light, triggering DNA codes that have previously laid dormant, releasing disease and genetic patterning from our bodies.


The 5th Dimensional Consciousness Effects

At this time, the earth and the human body are experiencing a divine ascension process.

In 2012 humanity and the earth shifted back to a 5th dimensional frequency consciousness and reality, that will complete its anchoring in 2012. We will then be fully supported by a new crystalline energetic grid of the earth.

This transition back to a 5th dimensional consciousness and reality is resulting in very scientifically observable energetic changes including the movement of the magnetic lines and poles of the Earth; dramatic increases in electromagnetic frequencies; increased cosmic activity including unprecedented solar flare activity, associated magnetic tidal waves, bizarre earth changes, severe weather patterns, and natural disasters.

As human beings, we are not simply physical in nature. We are very complex, multidimensional, energetic beings with a complex, geometric, etheric template or underlying blueprint which sustains us and regulates the automatic function of our body’s self-healing system.light body

Because of this, the energetic changes of the Earth are co-creating our chemical changes with a matter and light. This in turn is fundamentally changing the makeup of our body, planet, and reality as a whole.

Our etheric body, DNA, chemical and hormonal make up is quickly evolving and changing. This results in lightbody symptoms such as new illnesses, viruses, diseases, emotional & mental disorders, dissatisfaction, unexplained or increased severity of symptoms, and in many cases, ineffectiveness of traditional methods of treatment.

In order for us to achieve and maintain wellness at this time, we need to regularly clear, realign, and balance all of our energetic bodies. We need to balance our masculine and feminine energies; refine our power center (heart chakra); purify by clearing karma, patterning and wounding from our cellular memory; and clear our genetic weaknesses from our DNA.

It’s imperative for us to heal deep emotional wounds, and go deeper into our hearts, while bringing more light into our bodies through love. We need to work towards anchoring our lightbodies and at the same time, continuously shift into higher levels of consciousness- a 5th dimensional consciousness.

As human beings shift and purify, we bring more light/ether into our bodies, and our chakra systems start to clear, and we start to live in heart consciousness, where we then make our decisions within our lives for the greater good of all, rather than simply for self-gain, which is ego-consciousness.

As we do this, we begin to realize our expansiveness, and that we are all connected with every living being, and are aware that everything we do as an individual, impacts everything and everyone else.

Greed and lack of integrity is being exposed at all levels. Governments, corporations, and the media- none are being spared. This is how is must be for us to live in this new 5th dimensional consciousness and reality, and it is being led by the Indigos and crystal children of the world.


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