What Is An Ascended Master?

When we think about an Ascended Master, many think of just one- Jesus Christ. Yet, there were thousands throughout history that impacted humanity and shifted the Earth’s vibrations. Many we have heard of, and some we have not.ascended master

Ascended Masters are individuals who were once human, like all of us. They lived through the physical limitations of the reincarnation cycle and experienced the power of higher dimensions and merged with their Higher Self.

Through their spiritual work, these individuals raised their consciousness and vibration to such a level where they were ‘God’ in the flesh- the highest source of energy and wisdom on the planet. Their wisdom came in many forms and what they taught transcended the dogmas of all religions, all races, all nations, both genders, and shared only the common thread of universiality of the spiritual quest of humanity.

An Ascended Master is recognized by their energy and people are drawn to their wisdom. They each had a higher purpose that impacted millions of people from one generation to the other.

Ascended Masters were both male and female and from all countries of the world. The most common ones were from India.

  • Parmhansa Yogananda
  • Mahvtar Babaji (Father of Yoga)
  • Anandamayi Ma (female) (Originator of Tantra)
  • Sai Baba of Shirdi
  • Rumi (greatest poet to have lived)
  • Vishnu
  • Radha (female)
  • Gaia
  • Zoroaster
  • Mother Mary (female)
  • Quan Yin (female)
  • Krishna
  • Jesus Christ
  • Buddha
  • Mohammed
  • Abraham

What is “Christ Consciousness”?

The term christ consciousness means ‘God realization’. It’s a state of samadhi attained when the Kundalini or spiritual energy reaches the Crown Chakra. The “Christ” itself refers to the light that we are- the Child of God.

It’s an awareness of the higher self as part of a higher universal system. It doesn’t relate to the personality of Christ. christ consciousnessChrist Consciousness is a state of mind. It’s an understanding that there is a universal omnipresent force everywhere, and connecting with this higher power.

Most religious masters have walked a path of light, love, peace, harmony, and bliss that generally came following a period of suffering and then becoming enlightened along their journey.

The mission for all of humanity is to become more loving, compassionate, tolerant, patient, forgiving, understanding, and content by adopting a new way of conscious thinking.

The challenge for humanity is that the human mind has been conditioned from birth to think in logical ways, rational ways, and to look at commercial values. Spirit is not material. So individuals must release the prejudices and pre-conceived ideas.

The 5 Things You Must Release To Become An Ascended Master

Look at the Ascended Masters that have walked this planet. Examine their lives and ways of being. Are you ready to become one? That is your purpose through ascension. It’s time to assimilate some of the attributes that have been taught by all of them. It starts with understanding, recognition, and intent.

1. Fear- What are you afraid of? Human beings are so afraid of so many things that are buried within their Akash. Things you don’t even know you’re afraid of until they surface. But they run our lives. We carry things from the past release fearthat etch themselves in our behavior, things that make us move out of the way when we see something coming that we don’t like. That’s fear. Does it change who we are or what we may or may not do in life? Yes.

All of the fears that we carry that are subconscious are based on past life experiences. Think about the things you avoid? Do you know why you avoid them? What do you not want to do? Some of those things are unexplainable to you.

2. Ego- When you’re with other people, what do you talk about? Do you just sit and listen and revel in the beauty of what they say? Or do you talk about what you’re doing? How you’ve worked on yourself. Your processes. That’s a form of ego. You’re proud of how much you’ve accomplished in the processing of yourself. You can’t wait to tell everyone about it.

Many people will talk about themselves whether others want to hear it or not. That’s ego. Try having a conversationrelease ego with someone, without saying anything about yourself unless asked.

Be proud of yourself, but you don’t have to tell everyone about how proud you are. Spirit knows and is proud. Isn’t that good enough?

The Masters of the Earth sat at the feet of those who came to see them, and they listened and talked, fed them and loved them.

3. Anger- What makes you angry? And why? What’s the trigger? Why is it there? Anger is a product of the past. You get angry because something triggered that anger. The thing that’s in you, that responds- that’s information. You’re programmed. You respond emotionally.

Masters didn’t have triggers. They had disappointments. The things that disappointed them were war, inhumanity, release angerand unbalance.

If there’s something that will always make you angry, then you have something to work on. If you re-write the information, then you’ll never be angry. You can be disappointed, but there will never be that rage chemistry. Rage chemistry is the stuff that makes the heart beat faster and the mind block itself). There will be no anger trigger.

You’ll reach a point where someone will call you names and say things to you that you know are inaccurate, and you’ll look them in the eye and you’ll feel sorry that they’re having a bad day. No anger.

4. Reaction- What do you react to? What triggers you? When someone says something about you, and it’s blatantly not true; because of their ignorance or their misunderstanding; do you react? Do you feel the need to set them straight and tell them the ‘right’ way?

Reaction is an automatic response to a program in your personality that you can’t control. You automatically defend. You automatically speak up when you hear something you don’t like.release reaction

You may not agree with something being said, but why do you have to respond? Why do you have to defend something? It’s another person’s idea of you- it’s not you. What is there to defend? You can be disappointed, compassionate, and not react.

Did we see reaction in the Masters? Did we hear of them flying off the handle or giving people lectures about what they’re doing wrong? There were no triggers and no reactions. They were at complete and total peace.

5. Judgement- What are you in judgement of? When you view others, what’s the first thing you see? What’s your trigger? We make assumptions. We like to tell people, “You don’t understand. It’s how I was taught and it’s ingrained in me.” “I can’t help the way I do certain things because that’s who I am.”

Do you put judgement on people who falsely accuse you? How do you judge the ignorance and uninformed? What’s your judgement of those who don’t believe what you believe? How do you see them?release judgment

Judgement is one of the biggest challenges. What did Masters see when they looked at someone? They saw God inside. No matter what the situation, no matter where they are, no matter what the context.

Every single thing on this list has been given to you to alter and release. If any single one is out of balance, you’re going to have issues moving forward. When you have accomplished even a partial correction of any of these, it’s like a doorway opens and good things begin to settle.

Practice mastery and start to change who you are in order to move into who you will be. Doing that is going to change the entire planet.



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