Everywhere you travel in India you will find chai walas with the aromatic masala chai brewing. Chai is an indian staple and way of life. I’ve found many chai recipes online that claim to be authentic, but since my husband is Indian, and I’ve been around India on more than one occasion, I can verify that none of the others even come close. Not even the aromatic brew served by Tim Horton’s coffee shops even comes close to matching the deliciousness of this little beauty.

If you want an authentic chai that will instantly float you back to the streets of Delhi India, follow the recipe below.

During the winter months add ginger to the mix.

What’s Needed:

Loose black tea (Assam or Darjeeling)

Masala Chai Spice Mix (see directions below)

Water, milk, sugar/sweetner

Masala Chai Spice Mix

(Makes about 2 cups) Lasts me about 4 months

1/2c. black pepper

1/2c. cinnamon

1/2c. cardamom

1/2c. dried ginger pieces

1/4c. whole cloves

Store in an air tight mason jar for best results.


1. Add 1 cup of filtered water and 1 cup of milk to a pot. Add 2 heaping teaspoons of loose tea. Add your sugar/sweetner. Turn the heat on stove to medium- high heat.

2. While it’s heating, add 1/2 tsp of your masala chai mix. Add freshly grated ginger during winter months.

3. Once it comes to a boil, turn off the heat briefly (or just remove the pot) to allow the froth to lower. Turn heat to minimum and continue heating for another 2 minutes. With a small ladel, spoon some of the liquid mixture out of the pot and allow it to flow back in. Repeat several times. This allows the milk to aerate.

4. Remove from heat, put a small strainer over your cup and gently pour the chai into your cup. Enjoy

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