Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies For A Balanced World


Throughout our lives we are typically taught that we are either male or female. There is little to no discussion about the fact that we are actually both in spiritual and physical makeup.

The majority of people have been taught to ignore their polar energy and qualities. Girls who act more like ‘tomboys’ (an outward expression of her masculine energies) are told that little girls don’t get dirty. Little girls play with dolls and act like little ladies. Little girls grow up to learn to cook and take care of the family.

Little boys who want to play with dolls or dress up are ridiculed and called names like “sissy”, or “gay”. In truth, he’s simply being a boy who’s expressing his feminine qualities of nurturing, which in turn, will make him a better father and more sensitive, empathic individual later in life.

Boys are told throughout life that they can’t cry or show emotions because it makes them weak. They are told that they must be the financial provider for their families. They’re told what makes them successful and/or a failure in the eyes of society and their loved ones.

Crying is one of those emotions that are pushed down, hidden, and ran from. Expressing emotions is good for your personal health, improves relationships, and builds self-awareness.

Our patriarchal society has spent thousands of years praising all things male. This isn’t only damaging to females, it’d damaging to all living creatures as it throws everything out of divine balance.

Balance is the key to greater health, happiness, and a deep understanding of your actions and reactions.


Masculine and Feminine Energies In Contrast

Masculine energy moves in straight lines and angles. Feminine energy is made up of curves and swirls. There are no

straight lines and angles in feminine energy, just as there are no curves and swirls in masculine energy.

divine masculine and divine feminine







Feminine energy is very energized and fast. Masculine energy is slow and dull. Masculine energy holds about 40 points of energy as contrasted by feminine energies 140 points.

Feminine energy is very expansive, creative, and fluid. The feminine energy can do about 25 things at one time, while it’s swirling and curving. The masculine energy has a singular focus. One target and the end goal.

Masculine energy without feminine energy is not whole. It doesn’t feel valued, nurtured or appreciated. It feels incomplete.

Female energy without masculine energy is not whole. It feels unsupported, it’s not focused, it’s scattered and unstable. It’s without purpose, and as a result, it has no sense of success.


When Masculine Energy Is Strong and Feminine Energy Is Weak

When the masculine energy is out of balance it shows up in many ways. Here’s a perfect example:

“When the masculine energy feels as if it’s not good enough, when it’s in fear, when it has been told it will never succeed, it’s not worth anything, and has no value- it’s off balance.

In order to compensate for this feeling, the masculine energy may demonstrate a false strength. It puffs up its chest and says, “I have these great ideas and these big dreams. I want to lead and create this. I know what I’m doing. Follow me.”

When a female who is in fear and weak, is timid and withdrawn finds this puffed up male, it’s a perfect match. The universe gives each an energetic match for exactly what they’re asking for. And here’s how it will look:

“The masculine energy leads, ‘Come with me. I have this great dream. I’m going to build this wonderful house for you in Toronto.’ The feminine says, ‘Oh, this is so wonderful. I also want a big house in Toronto.’  The masculine and feminine energy set out together at the first point of the line and the masculine goes forth and the feminine, because feminine has curves and swirls, begins to create. She selects new paint, new drapes, and designs the landscape. She’s thrilled and satisfied that she will get to create her nest.”

“The masculine continues forward and then his habits of fear and self-doubt pop up. The masculine hesitates and becomes afraid of failing. ‘I don’t know what to do. Because I’m told that I’m hopeless. I’m not going to succeed. I’m not worth anything.’ And the masculine doubts his ability and stops moving forward on building the big house. So the masculine has built 80% of the new home. He has traveled 80% down that line and then says, ‘No, I think we should move to a tropical climate and it will be much nicer and we can have a house on the beach in Hawaii. I know what is best. Follow me to Hawaii.’

The feminine energy is out there swirling around in Toronto and must now stop creating. She is now incomplete. She isn’t able to complete her plans.

The feminine energy says, ‘Oh, well, OK, a tropical beach would be nice. I would love a beach house in Hawaii. I love you and trust you.’ And they move, but she is incomplete. He is also incomplete, but he begins to build the house in Hawaii. Again the feminine swirls and curves and begins to have fun creating in Hawaii. She buys the bamboo flooring and plants the hibiscus flowers.”

“Again, 80% into the process, the off-balance ‘strong’ masculine says, ‘Well I think I need to change my job, which means we have to move to London. Come with me to London and we can have the beach house some other day.’

Once again the female energy is incomplete. The masculine energy begins to get frustrated and angry and maybe even resentful. The feminine creativity is being dampened because she was very excited about the beach house. She was getting very creative because that’s what feminine energy does. And so it continues and continues.”

[Analogy brought to us by Mastering Alchemy ]



When Masculine And Feminine Energies Are Balanced Co-Creators

When a person’s masculine and feminine creative energies are balanced and aligned, you’re in a higher 4th dimensional state of being. Here we experience ease, community, laughter, co-creation, admiration, respect, appreciation and balance.divine masculine co-creators

When out of balance and in a 3rd dimensional state, we experience competition, guilt, depression, blame, and victimhood.

In higher vibrations there is no lack, no limitations, no ‘shoulds’ or ‘should nots’ and you can do nothing ‘wrong’.

When masculine and feminine energy is balanced within the male, creativity has the room and opportunity to come up with new ideas and build new plans. You have the motivation and drive to learn, grow and expand into new realms of possibility.

Masculine then feels validated and has the support to explore new structures that he can build for the feminine to create with him. He says, “How can I uplift, nurture, and provide for the feminine creativity? How can I assist her in creating her dreams? Together we can create new worlds.”


When feminine energy is in balanced and in alignment with masculine energy, it has the structure and scaffolding necessary for creativity. It can easily and passionately design and plan, execute and bring dreams to fruition.

It can completely focus on its studies and research; its writing and craft; the music and math that it loves.

Balanced masculine energy within the feminine provides structure, dependability, and stability. It’s reliable. There’s focus, strength, and a sense of protection for the feminine energy to experience itself safely and with permission.

The masculine creates a container that provides the feminine a dependable space to create and be happy. From this balance a flow unfolds.

As the feminine creates further and wider, the masculine expands the structure to make plenty of room for the feminine’s swirls and curves. There is balance. There’s a shared thrill of creating in passion together.

This combined energy balance becomes very powerful and has the capacity to look at the rest of society and say, “I hear your opinion of me not being worthy. That is not where I choose to reside. Thank you for your opinion.” There’s no discussion or negotiation. There is no energy wasted and no one is invalidated.


Balancing The Energies To Create Better World Leaders

Take a look at our world leaders of today. Our governing bodies in particular. They are very unbalanced male-dominant and destructive forces running the world. Those in leadership roles who embrace only one energy over another, or are incredibly unbalanced within that energy, put the entire nation and world in jeopardy.

Balanced leaders build trust across the entire nation. They are emotionally intelligent and aware of their strengths as well as their weaknesses. They understand their core values and communicate them well to everyone involved.

They make effective decisions and prioritize well. They listen and understand that their “team” (the entire nation) needs to grow. They inspire and support their ‘team’ members to be the best they can be. Their main focus is the greater good of the whole.

They build empathy and approach their ‘team’ from a loving perspective. They earn the trust of their team by looking at things in a completely holistic way.

In order for us to bring change within our leaders and balance out our nations as a whole, we must first look within ourselves. Once we learn to balance ourselves, only then will we recognize the qualities that are necessary within our leaders. Once we have effectively balanced our masculine and feminine energies within ourselves individually, only then can we demand more balanced leaders to bring about the necessary change that Gaia demands.


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