Chakra Systems Demystified

What Are Chakra Systems?

Chakras are energy points in our etheral or subtle body. They are part of the etheral body, not tchakra systemshe physical body, and as such they are the meeting points of etheral energy channels called nadis.

Nadis are channels in which the life force (prana) (non-physical) or vital energy flows. While there are several chakra systems in the body, only 7 are considered to be the most important.

In order for our bodies to function optimally, all 7 of the chakras need to be balanced, allowing our energy to flow smoothly throughout the body. If one energy center is not functioning well, the others do not function as well as they should. Some of them can even over compensate and work too hard or too much. This sends our bodies and emotions into a free-fall.

Why Are chakra systems Important?

In order for our bodies to function optimally, all 7 of the chakras need to be balanced, allowing our energy to flow smoothly throughout the body. If one energy center is not functioning well, the others do not function as well as they should. Some of them can even over compensate and work too hard or too much. This sends our bodies and emotions into a free-fall.

In our modern society, it’s increasingly difficult to keep them balanced as we’re constantly rushing around, worried about what others think, and not taking adequate time for ourselves to just relax and be still.

Why Is Chakra Balance Important?

An imbalance in your ckakra systems means some of your chakras are underactive while others are over active. Many believe that balancing chakras means to “open the chakras”. Like anything in life, the key is balance, meaning not too much and not too little.

Our chakras transmit and receive energy, which is trasmitted into psychic, emotional, and physical energy. Too much or to little energy can affect the way we think, act, and feel.

For example: If there’s too little energy flowing through the Heart Chakra, it can show as selfishness and hard heartedness. If there’s too much energy flow, it can show as a “bleeding heart” where someone who is compassionate and generous can be easily taken advantage of.

While open chakras leave us prey to energy vampires. Unconscious or unevolved beings can, and will, attach to us to use our energy, manipulate our thoughts and emotions. This is why closing or covering your chakras is just as important as opening them.

Discovering the balance between openess to outside and Universal energy, and maintaining our own energetic boundaries, is the ultimate goal of chakra balancing. Being “one with the universe” is the supreme goal, but first you need to learn the difference between yourself, the Universe, and “others” who may not be as spiritually evolved as you, and will only end up draining you , if you’re open to their energetic influence.

The 7 Chakra Systems

The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The Root Chakra is the first chakra and is located at the base of the spine. It’s the root of your being and it establishes the root chakra muladharadeepest connections with your physical body, your environment, and the Earth. It’s the most instinctual of all your chakras. It’s your survival center. This is your primal, animal nature- your flight or fight dashboard.

The energy of the root chakra allows us to harness courage, resourcefulness and the will to live during hard times. It connects us with the spiritual energies of our ancestors, their challenges, and their triumphs.

Blocks in the Root Chakra

The root chakra holds all of our ancestral memories so most of us experience challenges and blockages within the root that are not ours, but have been carried with us from one incarnation to the next. War, famine, natural disasters, and any event that threatens our basic survival all are recorded within the energies of the root chakra.

Each of these memories are imprinted in the etheral body and are passed down from generation to generation and create unconscious generational patterns. It’s our responsibility to take back our lives by working to open the root chakra and free ourselves from ancestral patterns.

It’s important to balance the root chakra first or we will lack the stability and rootedness necessary for real transformation and persoanl growth. One cannot grow unless they feel safe and secure.


The Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana)

The Sacral Chakra is the pleasure and passion centre located in the pelvic area underneath the navel. Through the sacral chakra we experience our lives through feelings and sensations. It’s the sacral chakra svadisthanacentre of feeling, emotion, sensuality, pleasure, intimacy, and connection to all things. It also governs life lessons involving blame and guilt, sex, power and control. It’s the base for your centre of morality, as well as the centre of your ability to manifest money and prosperity.

Everything that we create, whether it be a drawing, a poem, a website, a story, or a child, all originates from the creative processes of the sacral chakra.

The energy of this chakra allows us to let go, to move, and to feel change and transformation within the body.

Blocks in the Sacral Chakra

The greatest challenge of the sacral chakra is society’s conditioning where we feel that our feelings are not valued, where passion, and emotional reactions are looked down upon. As we are taught not to “lose control” we become disconnected from our bodies and our feelings.

An imbalanced sacral chakra may manifest itself as an eating disorder, alcohol and drug addiction, intimacy issues, impotence, frigidity, and depression.


The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located between the navel and the solar plexus, and up to the breast bone. it’s a source of personal power and governs our self esteem, warrior energy, and the power solar plexus chakra manipuraof transformation, as well as controlling metabolism and digestion.

The third chakra is the centre of your personality, your identity and your ego. It’s the centre of will power, and it’s about the perception of who you are.

The gift of this chakra is sensing your personal power, being confident, reliable and responsible.

A strong solar plexus chakra is reflected in the ability to move forward in life with confidence and power. It reflects in your ability to make conscious choices and to choose and to act.

Blocks in the Solar Plexus Chakra

The main challenge of the solar plexus chakra is to use your personal power in a balanced manner. It means being proactive rather than reactive or inactive.

People with excessive 3rd chakra energy react to life circumstances, they have emotional outbursts and are often stressed out. When the chakra is deficient or blocked, you are more passive and inactive, allowing life to pass by while you do nothing.

When you feel self-confident, have a strong sense of purpose, and are self-motivated, your sacral chakra is open and healthy. If it’s out of balance, you can suffer from low self esteem, have difficulty making decisions, and may have anger or control issues.


The Heart Chakra (Anahata)

The heart chakra is the centre of love, warmth, compassion and joy. It’s located in the heart centre.

Your heart chakra is the centre of your deep bonds with other heart chakra anahatabeings, your sense of caring and compassion, your feelings of self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect. It’s also your healing centre.

The energy of the heart chakra anahata allows us to recognize that we are part of something much larger, and that we are all interconnected inside one intricate web of relationships extending through life and the universe. All of life is connected together.

Living with a balanced anahata means living your life with loving kindness and compassion towards others. It means that your hart is open to others and you inspire kindness and compassion in others. You create a safe and supportive environment.

When your heart chakra is balanced others can feel your love and warmth. They feel loved and accepted unconditionally by you. They are at peace around you and feel no judgement. When it’s open and flowing freely, you not only love others, you are also loving to yourself. You know when you need to say no and when you need to self nurture.

Blocks in the Heart Chakra

Blockages in the anahata can manifest themselves as immune or heart problems, or a lack of compassion. Characteristics include fear of rejection, feelings of unworthiness of love or loving too much.

You may feel unworthy of love and skeptical of anyone who wants to love you (and paranoid that you will wind up hurt, yet again), or your love relationships may be completely co-dependent.

The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

The throat chakra is associated with your self-expression and communication with yourself and the world. This chakra controls throat chakra vishuddhathe throat and necks, arms and hands and governs the thyroid glands.

It’s associated with listening to one’s intuition, which guides us in an optimal flow, where we see our goals manifest and it seems as if the universe provides all that we need with no effort at all on our part.

The throat chakra is the first level of consciousness in which we perceive directly that there is another level of intelligence, and we experience our own interaction with it.

When the throat chakra is oopen, negative experiences are transformed into wisdom and learning. The success and failure of our lives depends upon the state of this chakra.

When it’s balanced you’re able to listen and communicate well. If you’re having trouble expressing yourself, or having trouble with communication (being able to say what you want to say to others and/or not truly listening to what you are being told) the throat chakra is not in balance.

Blocks in the Throat Chakra

A person with a fully functioning 5th chakra will speak their mind without forgetting their heart.

When the throat is blocked you become inconsistent, lack self expression, and appear unreliable. You will become manipulative, and try to sway others to your side for your own obvious gain. You become very domineering and emotionally distant from others.

An imbalance in the 5th chakra leaves you open to be easily manipulated since you don’t stand firmly on any issue one way or the other.


The Third Eye Chakra (Anja)

The third eye chakra is responsible for what we refer to as the “sixth sense”. It connects us to our internal intuition and is third eye chakra anjaresponsible for sharp senses, the ability to read the future and receive non-verbal messages. It’s located in the forehead between the eyes.

Through the third eye we communicate with the world and can receive messages from the past and from the future.

The 6th chakra is not only the seat of wisdom, but also the seat of conscience. This is where we not only see what’s going on, but we know what it means. It’s where our sense of justice and ethics originate. When it’s open, you not only see, but you also understand.

Even though the third eye is blind, it has a deep vision because it’s direct inside. Anja governs and connects the conscious and unconscious mind.

When it’s balanced we experience high mental ability, we’re able to separate between reality and imagination, and optimally combine both logic and emotions. We experience overall good health, clear thinking and focus. A healthy third eye will encourage intuition, empathy for others and build trust in oneself.

When the third eye chakra is fully activated, both hemispheres of the brain function in synchrony. The right hemisphere’s creativity and synthetic thinking is integrated and in balance with the left hemisphere’s logical and analytical thinking.

Blocked Third Eye Chakra

When the third eye chakra is out of balance we experience fatigue, day dreaming, sleep problems, lack of assertiveness, inability to listen to others, and may even feel disoriented. When it’s over active we may immerse ourselves in a world of fantasy and even experience hallucinations.


The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

The crown chakra is located in the crown of the head. It’s a door of universal energy and conscience. Through it we can reach a crown chakra sahasrarahigher state of awareness.

Sahasrara leads you beyond materialism to the true nature of life which is abundant in joy, purpose and curiosity. The guidance begins outside yourself, and during the process you find inner direction.

If you sense a loss of identity and meaning, your crown may be unbalanced. It’s a bridge to the cosmos, a spiritual connection, and through it you can reach your higher potential. It’s the energy of knowingness and enlightenment. It’s described as a slowly blooming lotus flower, as the evolvement of the spirit during life.

When the crown chakra is in balance it gives you access to your subconscious, allows you to see your true nature and to accept the self as part of the universe. Through a deeper connection to Sahasrara you may fulfil your highest potential and purpose.

Blocks in the Crown Chakra

When the crown chakra is out of balance is makes your road in life harder and bumpier, lacking focus and direction. You’ll experience boredom, frustration and a lack of joy that may result in migraines, melancholy, senility and loss of self.

People who have this chakra completely blocked have rejected any notion of spirituality and fail to find any meaning in life beyond the physical. It results in loneliness and meaningless.

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