Crystal Children

Everywhere we look these days we can see talks about Crystal children. Some of it factual, while most is simply rehashed information to fill a blog post for search engine placement.

People flock to these posts trying to prove that they, or their child, is some kind of crystal child. Everyone is seeking some “label” that feeds the ego and makes them feel special, or that they are now suddenly ‘enough’, without realizing that they have always been enough, and they don’t require a label to prove it.

I am here to tell you from first hand experience, being a Crystal child in general, is not all that glamorous. Only 3 in 10 individuals show abilities and characteristics of being a crystal child. 

In order to understand why the Crystal children are here on earth now, I direct you to read the previous article 5th Dimensional Consciousness- Atlantis Then & Now.


The Crystal Children

As an Indigo adult, I’m going to dispel the myths and stardom, and tell you who these so-called crystal children are and who they are not, as well as why we are all here together at this time in our planet’s evolution.

There are 3 types of crystal children: Indigo children, Crystal Star children, and Pure Crystal children. The term “crystal” refers to their crystalline etheric template that matches the new earth’s 5th dimensional consciousness.

Some crystal children are a mix of different types, they grow and move from one category to another. Sometimes the child will change and develop, and they might display features from one type or another.

All Star and Indigo children are able to attune to the knowledge and resources of the Earth and Cosmos. Crystal children hold these resources within them. This is because they’re born with a 5th dimensional template imprinted within their DNA and etheric body.

They live between worlds and their worlds and their reality is multidimensional. They see beyond the veil, and will often talk about beings that they can see and communicate with. They connect with the elemental kingdoms of the earth, the gallactic realms and star systems. They also connect with the angelic kingdom and astral plane.

Their reality is so different from the planet that they’re born into. They find it hard to conform to rigid educational systems and behavioral expectations. To an open, creative mind, sitting still to listen to something that has no place in their expanded consciousness, and this creates behavioral issues.


Crystal children are more connected to their heart, which is where they run their consciousness from. They’re more emotionally open, and more able to stay true to how they feel. Their strengths and vulnerabilities are always on display.

Because they live in a state of oneness with the Earth and Spirit, they are more humanitarian in nature and less judgmental in their perception. They’re born with a more unconditional heart.

Clairvoyance is one of their strongest 6th senses. Their 3rd eye chakra is open, and they can see interdimensionally, not just with eyes closed, but with eyes open. They can see as if what they are seeing is physically there.


There are a few different generations of crystal children, beginning with the Indigo children, beginning near the end of the 60’s, and the start of the 70’s. Those of us Indigos born in this time period, chose our parents very carefully in order to live out all of our lessons within this lifetime. We chose to incarnate to this planet as “scouts” to pave the way for the later groups of crystal children to be born here.

For most of the crystal children born before 1999, we made a soul choice to forget everything we knew about our previous incarnations. We chose to incarnate in this manner to clear our karmic residue, learn the lessons, and evolve into our lightbodies and align with Christ Consciousness. Ours has been the hardest mission.

For these newer Crystal children, it has been an easier process as they have less density to clear from their patterning so their lightbody easily integrates with their physical body, but they are not immune.

Many souls incarnating on Earth as crystal children are still bringing a great deal of karma and past life challenges to work through and resolve.


We are termed Crystal children because we are born with a totally different energetic template than the rest of humanity. The newer crystal children are connected to their lightbodies right from birth. The rest of us have to endure the karmic lessons, clear, evolve, and merge with our lightbodies at an accelerated rate.

Since the lightbody is incredibly expansive and isn’t typically contained within a physical form, it causes many lightbody symptoms for all to endure. Typically, trying to contain the lightbody within the physical body would result in physical death.

Because crystal children are born in this time with their lightbody in tact, they already have the ability to access and understand things that most adults never have. For them, it’s an inner knowing, they just know and don’t question why.

Though they are physical in form, they are highly evolved beings who not only exist here, but also co-exist in other dimensions as well.


Why Crystal Children Are Here Now

We have chosen to incarnate here at this time as part of a universal mission to lift our planet into the new dimension, by bringing our light to the planet.

Crystal children have been born to lift the frequency of humanity, to take us all into the Golden Age of Aquarius. Crystal children are here to trigger humanity to return a heart-based Christ Consciousness, beginning with the Indigos who will break down the old, outdated structures, paving the way for the Crystal Star children and Pure Crystal Children to lead us all into the new Golden Age of Aquarius and full 5th dimensional conscious living.

Crystal children are the light bearers, they hold pure energy, are very honest, and are compelled to seek truth. They can’t hide their true feelings in order to protect those around them, or to accomodate archaic norms. They often shy away from people who are supressed or restricted in their thoughts or behaviors.

They live by universal principles, trusting their inner guidance, and staying true to how they feel, regardless of whether this is confronting to others.

These children hold the resources to reveal and clear unbalanced behaviors, thoughts, and emotions in others. Crystal children are global healers.


Crystal children are different. They are wise beyond their years, more than any other adults at any other period of time. They are super intelligent, compassionate, connected, and highly psychic.

When you are in the presence of a crystal child or adult, they will trigger your psyche to open, and you may find yourself connecting with their gifts, and seeing what they see.

All Crystal children are triggering the adults around them to think differently, to question themselves, and are helping to clear outdated behaviors, patterning, and beliefs.

Let’s Take a Deeper Look into each one, beginning with the Indigo Children and Adults.

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