What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is the conscious and skilled use of therapeutic modalities to effect a energy medicineperson’s subtle and emotional energy levels, as well as their overall well-being.

Energy medicine, energy therapy, spiritual healing, or energy healing are all branches of alternative medicine. Through this pseudoscience, healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results. This can be done either hands-on, hands-off, or as distant healing, where the healer and the patient are in different locations.

Each and every one of us is nothing more than energy matter stored in a human body. Our bodies, like all energy fields, vibrate at different frequencies and can either affect or be affected by other energy beings. Every time two energy beings enter the same auric field of one another, energy is transferred, both good and bad. When we shake hands, hug, or just stand close to someone who has a negative energy vibration, there is a transference of energy that affects your own energetic field. This is why we often feel drained or off balance around certain people.

Our energetic field affects absolutely everything around us. Thoughts and emotions are very powerful energy fields that vibrate out to the entire universe. If life is not where you want it to be then it’s simply because you are emitting negative energy out into the universe and the universe is providing you with more of what you are putting out. We can only be matched with energy that matches our own frequencies so if you are emitting negative energy, you will see negative people, situations, and events show up in your life to match what you’ve put out.

Life does not ‘happen’ to us. We consciously and unconsciously create it with our individual energy systems. Energy is very creative. The entire world you live in and everything that has ever been made or created comes from an energy vibration that began as a thought.

Trauma, emotional and mental stress, physical distress, environmental stress, and false belief systems block our personal growth and can be stored within the energy fields of our bodies which impacts our ability to function at optimal levels of potential.

Energetic healing aids the healing process by clearing blocks in the energy fields, repairing and rebalancing the energy so the body can access its inherent ability to heal itself.

Energy healing can also help identify issues before they manifest themselves in the form of pain or similar distortions in your physical body. It can open the consciousness to the areas that need attention and heal them so we can bring ourselves back into balance and maintain health, vitality and harmony.

Some of the more well-known forms of energy therapy or energy healing include Reiki, Qigong, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Thought Field Therapy, Aura and Chakra Balancing, Flower and Vibrational Essences, Crystal healing, Colour Therapy, and Spiritual healing.

Energy healers take a holistic approach to energy medicine that looks beyond the physical of what can be seen, to manipulate the subtle energy systems (meridians, auric bodies, chakras, and nadis) where the cause of the dis-ease is located.


How Does Our Energy Connect to Ill-Health and Disease?

We know that we are made up of energy and our energy flows through and around everything. Our personal energy fields are delicately balanced and we can easily become sick or feel ‘off’ when the energy flow is blocked or disturbed. Our energy can be affected by both internal as well as external factors.

Internal factors impacting our energy system:

  • Fears
  • Anxiety & stress
  • Trauma
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Childhood programming
  • Neurological, biochemical, and structural imbalances
  • Remaining in situations that aren’t fulfilling or in harmony with our needs

External factors impacting our energy system:

  • Environmental stresses & toxins
  • Nutrition
  • Geopathic phenomenon
  • Astrological phenomenon
  • Exercise
  • Posture

Right from the very beginning of our lives we being collecting information from the peopleenergy therapy and environment around us that determines our programming. Social, genetic, and cultural aspects will contribute to this programming. This also governs the way we use our energy as we hold the information we collect in our subtle energy systems and it then determines how the energy moves through our chakras. The pictures (memories), emotions, and programming will remain there until we realize that we create our experiences through the beliefs we have associated with them, both good and bad.

Anything that has ever happened to you, both good and bad, is nothing more than a vibration of energy transference. It is neither positive or negative until you form a belief about it. Beliefs are formed and solidified within the body as soon as we attach a strong emotion to it. Have you ever been rejected by a lover? In that event you attached a strong emotion to the situation which formed the belief that love is painful. That belief is then stored within your energy field and will continue to affect you until you release the block so your energy can flow naturally again.

The energy systems of the body (aura, chakras, nadis and meridians) are connected energetically to our physical organs, glands, and bodily systems. When energy we supply to these systems is disrupted, the organs and systems cannot defend against injury and disease. Have you ever noticed that some people are perpetually ill while others never seem to be sick a day in their lives? Or some people overcome illness quickly while others take forever?

The health of our energy systems also determines our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being as well. When our energy systems are blocked we are less able to cope, we feel stressed, and we end up impacting our physical systems. Over a long period of time these blockages lead to ill health. When our energy systems are clear and balanced we are in a better position to deal with situations calmly instead of stressing out about them.

Disease simply means the body is in dis-ease or is out of balance. It’s our body’s way of telling us that our energy is not flowing harmoniously and something isn’t working in our lives and needs to be cleared. When we don’t pay attention to these messages, the warning increase until we are unable to ignore them any longer. What might start out as a simple headache can turn into something more serious in time.

When you learn to work with your energy systems you can access all levels of the mind, body, and spirit to achieve holistic healing. By knowing the connections and energy relationship, the nature of the disease and its location can guide you to where the blockage exists and tell you what needs to be done to energetically clear that block.

Accupuncture works by clearing blocks in the energy pathways (meridians) of the body.

Reiki channels universal energy (a form of energy that comes from our belief system ie: solar energy, mother nature, the energy that creates life and the Universe).

Kinesiology works to balance the body’s energy by tapping into its energy flows and where it’s blocked.


3 Ways to Feel Your Energy Field and Find Energy Blocks

Once you learn to feel and work with your body’s energy system it opens up a whole new way to deal with negative emotions like depression and anxiety and the physical symptoms that result from this and several other illnesses and disease.

Method 1: “Read” Your Own Aura

Your aura provides a clear picture of your emotional state at any given time. Our aura will and does change depending on that state. To sense your aura, hold your hands 2-4 inches from your body. Move your hands in and out to see where your aura starts. You may feel it almost instantly or it may take you several tries.

Once you feel your aura and where it begins, follow the energy out from your body with your hands to see how extensive it is. An expansive aura typically indicates that you are emotionally balanced and feeling good. An aura that is condensed or tight around you indicates your emotional well-being is out of balance and needs clearing.

Method 2: Play Ball with Your Energy

Have you ever seen the old Avatar Air Bender cartoons where the characters can form light balls in the palms of their hands? We are actually all capable of this phenomenon.

Place your hands about 6 inches apart with the palms facing the ceiling. Concentrate and imagine a 6 inch ball of white light in the palm of your right hand. Focus, and when you can really feel, see, or sense the ball of light, toss the ball to your other hand. As you toss it back and forth pay attention to how it feels. If you can feel a tingling or buzzing sensation then you are feeling your energy field.

Take that ball of light and let it absorb into your stomach. Focus on the ball and try moving it throughout your body and out through the top of your head. Feel its energy. Is the energy light, quick, and flows easily? Or did it move slowly and heavily? If the ball moved slowly or felt heavy, you have energy blocks.

Method 3: Locating Your Energy Blocks

Energy blocks are stored in various parts of the body and often manifest themselves as pain or discomfort.  In your mind, relive an event or time in your life where you felt on top of the world. Bring that vision back several times until the picture is vivid and bright in colour.

Once that vision and all its emotions are vivid, place your hand about 3 inches from your solar plexus (the indentation below your chest but above your stomach) and feel if the energy feels light, heavy, expansive, or contracted. Move your hand away from your body to see how far it extends. Your hand should move naturally outward if all is well in your energy system).

Now, think of a time when you felt rejected, unloved, powerless, or unappreciated. Relive it until it is vivid. Once you are back in that moment, go through the solar plexus exercise again. Once you have done this you will know if you have energy blocks and whether they are located in the solar plexus which is the center of the body’s self-power.


6 Ways to Clear Out Blocked Energy In Your Energy Systems

We are all capable of clearing out or own energy systems and healing ourselves. Sometimes however, it requires the help of an energy healer to get the blockages that are cemented within us. Here are 6 ways you can clear out your blocked energy and begin energy blocksfeeling a more positive flow of energy throughout your body.

  1. Breathe

Deep, slow, focused breathing draws more oxygen into the body and gets those energy blocks moving. Regular deep breathing will help you feel clear every day and can chip away at old, long-term blocks. Breathe out the garbage and breathe in new life sustaining energy.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is even better than deep breathing for moving energy. Any exercise that gest the heart pumping will naturally cause breathing to be deeper and more productive at shifting that stuck energy. While your blood is pumping, your body eliminates toxins and cleans itself naturally. Blocked energy cannot remain in a healthy body.

  1. Drink Water & Eat Raw Food

Water helps to release toxins and blocked energy from the body so it can flow naturally. If you are feeling blocked, drink more water.

If you’re dealing with garbage that you cannot get rid of, eating unhealthy food only serves to keep it where it is. If you want your energy to flow positively, eat more healthy snacks and meals so you can feel cleaner.

  1. Cry

Many people think that when you cry you aren’t clearing energy. A good cry is a great cleanse. Crying means that you are honouring your emotions, allowing sadness to be real, and allowing your energy to flow. Have you ever noticed how you feel after a good cry? You feel lighter and a little more energetic. Crying releases the negative energy stored in the body.

  1. Connect with Nature

Moving water, fresh air, vibrant colours, the sounds of the wind and birds and other animals all have a positive effect on our energy systems. We are all connected to other energy fields and beings, including nature and the universe. Getting into nature changes your physiology. It connects you to the universe and everything around you. It grounds you and heals you.

You don’t need to try to be healed, you simply need to get outside and breathe in the air and allow yourself to be connected to the present moment. If gardening is your thing, spruce up a flower bed or two, or create a healing garden. Get out and connect to nature as often as possible.

  1. Meditate and Visualize

Meditation stills the mind, relaxes the body, and stops any negative habits that are blocking your energy. We live in a fast paced society where we don’t often find the time to just sit still with our thoughts and allow our bodies the time to heal.

Meditate with the intention of seeking stillness rather than trying to force the blockages out. The body instinctively knows how to respond to the healing energy you are creating for it. Just like with Reiki, the energy knows where it is needed most and flows there naturally to help you heal.

If you haven’t started practicing energy healing, I highly recommend you find the modality that best suits you and your lifestyle. The benefits are numerous not only to your physical body, but your emotional and ethereal body as well. It’s time to reconnect your energetic being with the rest of the universe and be well.

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