This is going to be a controversial topic for some. We’re told never to discuss politics or religion. But those rules no longer apply here.

Unless you’ve been asleep the whole time, you will have noticed that the Earth and all of humanity has been going through an extreme shift these past few years. An energetic shift unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before in this lifetime.

This new energy is calling for humanity to wake up and reclaim their true divinity. But in order to do that, we must first understand that anything and everything we previously thought we knew, was wrong.

Let’s start with the fact that there are over 4,200 different religions on this planet, with each one claiming to have the ‘truth’.

Truth is quite linear. Spiritually we all know and participate in the truth. There is one creative source that we all call God. 85% of the planet is involved in the one truth. So why is there so many differences, arguing, hatred, and strife?

All of those are human attributes. The truth is that there is one God who loves all of humanity. But what you have decided are the rules, is human.

There’s a reason that every belief system is convinced that they’re right. The miracles of God happen for everyone. The loving God that created all humans is wherever you gather. Miracles aren’t just for one belief. And because they have miracles in THEIR midst, they say ‘we have the truth’.

Human’s then choose the names around it, the rules around it, the doctrines around it, scriptures, the protocol, and the buildings. That’s human truth- not spiritual truth.

The Creative Source of All

According to Archangel Michael…. And feel free to argue with him if you so choose….

“ In the beginning, the very beginning of creation, Love and Unknowable came together and created Mother of All Creation, Prime Creator, the Holy Spirit, Our Mother. Mother of Creation wished to create and express creation… Love mirroring love. She then created Father of All Creation from her heart. This is what many of you know to be the Image of God.

With love mirroring love, twin souls were created. A balanced harmonic of feminine & masculine energies, created in the image of both Mother & Father. They both created the first fractal, which sparked and created the first 144,000 original twin flames, which all other fractals were created from Divine Intelligence… The Fibonacci Fractal, God Fractal, The Original Keys of Creation, in which we’re all returning to now.”

There’s a creative sources that’s eternal, inside you. Inside you is God. That has been the message of every Master who has walked the planet.

It’s not external.

Everything that you judge on this planet comes from the resource of what you know. That then biases the result of the judgement. Every decision you make about what you think you know, and what you find in history, goes through an intellectual process- based upon only what you know. That then brings you to conclusions that are as wrong as they can be.

How can you come to any other decision, based on things that you might not know or be aware of? You’re using YOUR logic and TODAY’s reasoning to judge things. The same is true for those who wrote the bible. They were using THEIR logic and reasoning (which was very limited), trying to describe events and happenings that they had no real words and understanding for.

You consider the soul as singular an individual and it’s NOT. It’s always connected to the whole. It’s ancient. It has no beginning and no end. It’s a piece of God. And you can’t take God apart.

The whole of the universal God of creation lives in your Higher Self. All of it. Your soul is one with everything. It’s entangled with the furthest star and planet that you can see with a telescope- and you’re there too.

Your unique soul is not apart from God. Therefore, it’s always intermingled with every other soul that has ever been on Earth. You’re part of that Master energy.

The Universe is your partner. Universe is a metaphor for Spirit; Creative Source; for all that is. It’s a partner that has a confluence of consciousness with you.

How many times have you looked to the ‘heavens’ and yelled out to God for help? How many times have you prayed to a higher external power hoping to find answers? How many times have you claimed that something is the ‘will of God’?

You’ve been looking in all the wrong places for your answers.


The Power of Free Choice

Humans have totally misunderstood this concept of Free Choice.

Free choice to Spirit really is free. It doesn’t come with condemnation or a reward. Free choice means that the human being really is free to choose in any direction, whatever the consciousness is that you have. There is no bias presented to you with free choice.

You can’t sit any longer in a neutral place waiting for God to do anything. You’ve got the steering wheel of free choice. Your free choice has come from your Akash, doing things over and over, in both directions.

You were made in his/her image. The image is divinity, love, compassion, and the ability to do marvelous things. That’s who you are. You’ve synthesized a reality that you’ve inherited from your parents and ancestors of what everything does, what you can & can’t do, how you should be, and how things are, etc.

All of it is inherited. What you continue to do is to synthesize that reality. One generation tells another generation. And you haven’t really thought about it. You’re a product of what your parents have said.

You weren’t built that way. That’s not who you are. You’re so much more. It’s a map of your own dysfunction, and you’ve presented it as proof. It’s a synthesized reality. What you believe starts to become your reality, not what you’ve been taught.


You Are God- Even The Worst of Us

You’re a unique spiritual creation within the completeness of the whole. You’re all the elements. There’s nothing anyone can do to stop your movement and flow because you are the gift.

What you’re searching for is not outside yourself. You’ve neglected love of Self. Commit to your own Self-worth. You’re looking for love in the wrong places.

You are Alchemists. YOU are your greatest challenge.

There are so many humans who think that they’re not whole. This is a belief construct of the mind. Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, Divine Feminine, the Holy Spirit– creates in wholeness, beauty, balance, and unconditional love. All who were and are created in the essence of unconditional love.

You’ve always been whole. It’s the mind that creates separation, imbalance, and dysfunction.

You are God and God is you. Regardless what a person’s religion, dysfunction- all are God. Blessed is the human being who finds God anywhere, in any way that is appropriate for his/her path. Do not judge the one who has not found God like you have. Whatever they find is good enough for their path for now. Celebrate the fact that they even want to find the creator inside. Look at them with compassion, understanding, and joy. That’s how God sees them.

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