How to Achieve Weight Loss on Your Holidays in Thailand

Guest Post by Emily Lamp- Professional Writer

achieve weight loss while traveling

Thailand is a country synonymous with beauty, adventure and good health. It is rare you will find a Thai person that has a problem with their weight, and for good reason; the combination of healthy food, a strong work ethic and higher than average levels of physical activity all make for a great shape and increased physical fitness. So it makes sense that anyone looking to tone up or shed some extra pounds should be looking at weight loss holidays in Thailand, whether it be self-booked or part of a larger package. Here are some commonsense tips for visiting this country and leaving much healthier.


hiking in thailand

Hiking in Thailand is a fun and adventurous exploit for thousands of people annually. Once you’re out of the big cities, there are so many amazing hiking trails, hills and mountains that not only provide an opportunity to see the country in a new light but to work up a sweat, exercise the muscles and burn off some pounds. Khao No, the Doi Chang Cliffs and the Hang Nak Mountain Nature Trail are just a few of the well-known trails and hikes that provide a workout and stunning scenery.

Eating Healthily

achieve weight loss

Thai food is known around the world as some of the healthiest cuisine you are likely to find. It is based heavily around lean meats, as well as lots of fresh leaves, shoots and vegetables; and half the time, meat doesn’t even factor into it at all, making vegetarian and vegan Thai food incredibly healthy and nutritious. There really is no other type of Thai food than healthy Thai food, and losing weight in Thailand is incredibly easy if you eat like a local. 

Not only that, if you are on holiday in Thailand, you already know that it’s one of the cheapest places to get around and stay in hotels… and the same goes for food. Eating in Thailand is an experience in itself, whether it consists of quick street food, a lavish restaurant meal or a humble meal out in the countryside with locals. And all of them can help you stay healthy and free of excess weight.

Building Exercise Into Your Trip

build exercise into your trip

A trip to Thailand is not complete without visiting some of the amazing natural scenery. Beaches, mountains, jungles and forests are all within a few hours’ drives, no matter where you are in the country. But this also presents some amazing opportunities to exercise and lose weight. Near a beach? Swim, or take a several mile long runs along beautiful sandy shorelines. Near the hills? Find out from the locals where the best trails are and take a few hours to climb, hike and work up a sweat. Whilst the cities are a great tourist spot, they do not make for a great exercise routine, but the rest of the country is begging to be visited as part of your exercise routine.

Weight Loss Camps

weight loss camps

With a reputation worldwide for quality, skill and excellent results, choosing a weight loss camp in Thailand is going to be an easy task. The country is teeming with weight loss camps and spas, which can be combined with a holiday to make an experience that is twice as enjoyable. Many camps specifically have weight loss programs for men and women, meaning that if you want something that is more tailored to you, there are plenty of options. 

This one is a no-brainer; sure, there might be weight loss programs available at home, but they are going to be far more expensive, and much less likely to be in such a beautiful setting as Thailand. A quick search shows weight loss camps and holidays available at roughly 50% of Western prices, so make a holiday out of your journey to lose weight.

Final Words

Thailand might sound like an unlikely choice when you first think about it, but just like with culture, entertainment and tourism, it is also a hidden gem when it comes to helping with exercise and weight loss. If you’re planning to get fit and shed some pounds, try giving Thailand some thought.

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