Energy is everything. You can’t see it, but it makes up your energy healingphysical body and you can definitely feel it. It also affects your experiences with people (if you’ve ever instantly connected with someone – or disliked someone without knowing why) – it’s because of energy vibrations that are either compatible, or incompatible.

Vibrations affect the movement of energy through the chakras. For example, persistent negative thoughts create an energetic ‘signature’ that is not in alignment with your true nature as a loving, eternal spiritual being. And so, they disrupt your energy field and the movement of energy in the body.

To clear your energy and restore your chakras’ balance, start with your home.  Your home holds a powerful concentration of “your” energy. Your thoughts, words, actions and emotions are living in your home right along with you – this is why certain homes have a warm, welcoming ‘vibe’ and you can’t wait to get out of others. It’s important to clear out negative energy in your physical spaces; interestingly, as you do this, you set the stage for clearing the negative energy out of yourself. Then you’ll notice a marked improvement in your life circumstances!

Here are some simple ways to clear negative energy:

1. Clean your space. Getting rid of clutter, dirt and dust gives negative energy less to cling to. When you organize your possessions, you restore order and balance. Your home is a direct reflection of the state of your mind (and energy) – so take a good look around you. After your home is clean (yes, this can take a while, but do at least 15 minutes every day until it’s where you want it to be), clean your mind. Do you have a habit of saying something positive and then following it with “but…”? For example, “I really love that singer but I can’t afford to go see him next month.” Instead of focusing on lack, shift your focus to abundance: “It’s not in the budget right now to get tickets to this concert, but we can buy a CD of his music and have a party.”

2. Meditate on compassion and love. Bring the feelings of love and compassion up and let them strengthen within you – then, radiate them outward to every single person you know. Every one. Especially those who have hurt you, rejected you, ignored you, annoyed you or angered you. You will be amazed at how quickly loving-kindness meditation gets rid of any resentment, anger or hurt you’re harboring inside you!

3. Smile! Laugh! Sing! Joyful noise gets rid of negative energy energy healingvery quickly. If you or a friend are feeling down, invite a few friends over and have a Laugh Circle. Stand in a circle and start “fake-laughing.” Before you know it – within seconds – you’ll all be laughing for real. This is a great way to share the experience of banishing negative energy!

4. Open  your windows and let the sunshine and fresh air in. Even on a frigid day, a minute of having your windows or door open will refresh the air in your house, let negative energy go on its way and make everything feel fresh again.

5. Avoid negative people and when you do encounter them, do not give into their negativity. Some people are drama queens, and love to talk about how the world is out to get them. Here’s how to stop that immediately without being rude and walking away: ask them, “So what good things happened to you today?” This will force them to stop, and think… and more likely than not, they will find a way to excuse themselves because negativity is a strong habit and they prefer it.

6. Know that you are not your emotions. You are not your thoughts. You are not your feelings. You are not your actions (and therefore, not your guilt). Instead of saying, “I am sad” or “I am jealous” – and embodying the emotion – talk as though it’s just a temporary experience (which it is). “I am feeling sadness” or “I am feeling jealousy.” This gives it a chance to pass instead of taking up residence in your chakras!

7. Spend time in Nature. Just “be” out there, listening to the birds and observing the grand and minute aspects of life on this planet. To clear your energy, it helps to to have plants in your home, but only if you take good care of them!

8. Use visualization to move negative energy out of your space. You may wish to assign a color to it, and then just imagine the color or the shape leaving your body. If you feel like you’re surrounded in negative energy, picture it as a big balloon surrounding you. Then, visualize yourself taking a golden pin and popping that balloon. The energy will dissipate and be reabsorbed into the universal energy field, which is plenty big enough for ALL of your worries, cares, sorrows and pains.

Spend time in Nature to get rid of negative energy.9. Move your body! Exercise, particularly outdoors, is a great way to get things moving. It releases stress, which is negative energy – and fills you with the feel-good energy of the endorphin rush!

10. Turn your mind toward positive energy through gratitude, forgiveness and compassion, and creative visualization and positive self-talk. Radiate positivity from within, and you’ll easily attract more!

You have the power to bring more positive energy to yourself through your thoughts and emotions. Like attracts like! Use these tips to make yourself feel better, and then be diligent about practicing happy thinking.

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