Indigo Children and Indigo Adults


Indigo children and adults are an upgraded blueprint of humanity. The term first came about in the early 70’s when addressing aura colors of these very different kids. Prior to encountering Indigo children, auric fields were expected to be shades of the rainbow, but Indigo children had auric fields that were dominated by a royal blue color- indigo. This began the change of course for all of humanity.

Indigo children first began appearing at the end of the 60’s and into the 1970’s. They are gifted, old souls, on a clear mission to challenge and shift reality. They are born with psychic gifts, especially with regards to clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing) and telepathic abilities. They can easily connect to the angelic realm, detect dishonesty in others, and have an uncanny ability to read others and situations.

These Indigo kids (many of whom are now adults) are wise old souls returning to Earth to lead humanity towards greater creativity and cooperation and to pave the way for a more spiritual and connected society.

We are here to challenge your way of thinking which clears the way for the Crystals and Star Children to accomplish their mission.

Indigo children utilize their throat chakra and 3rd eye chakra in a very unique way. They create an opening for different levels of intellectual perception and awareness through these two chakras.

Indigo children and adults are stubborn, sensitive, loving, courageous, impatient, incredible memories, and very unique in nature.

The consciousness of indigo children and indigo adults is inherently bound to their psychic gifts, and their intelligence reveals itself  in very unique ways. They are guided less by their rational mind, and more by their creative and emotional aspects of their consciousness.

It’s common for Indigo children to be diagnosed with ADD, or ADHD. While this disorder can be indicative of genuine behavioral symptoms, there are large portions of children and adults who are diagnosed with these disorders that are actually children who have an extreme sensitivity to the Earth’s changing energetic grid. This sensitivity can cause imbalances in their intellectual and emotional body.

Rather than relying on prolonged use of stimulant medication, they would benefit from behavioral therapy and frequency healing.

Indigo children and adults are telepathically open and tend to attune to different frequencies of sound. This can often leave them feeling disoriented and overwhelmed, making them feel ungrounded. It’s not uncommon for us to leave a room full of people because we cannot filter out and stabilize all of the sounds. It ends up sounding more like a loud grinding static squeal at times.

They can also manifest hearing and communication disorders or difficulties. It’s not always indicative of a physical disorder, but rather a psychological and emotional sensitivity to sound.

Working with sound is important to their learning and centeredness. Because of their ability to communicate telepathically, they can sometimes be late in developing speech. Telepathy is a much faster process. Why speak when you can just hear what you need to hear?

Indigo children energetically respond to the way you feel and are very sensitive to all of the energies they interact with. We can feel everyone’s energy all at once. When energies are scattered or out of alignment with our own, we become overwhelmed and need to leave the room in order to re-center ourselves.

We absorb the emotions of everyone around us and embody it as if they are our own, often times not being able to distinguish ours from others. If we have connected with someone energetically and emotionally, we can feel their emotions and energy even from a distance within our own bodies.

Listening to dolphin and whale sounds has a soothing effect on indigo children.


Common Traits of an Indigo Child

  1. You Feel Entitled

Not like the modern day sense of ‘entitlement’ where everyone believes things should just be handed to them. Indigos are born feeling special and knowing it. They feel that they are born royalty, because they are.


  1. You Are Destined To Be Here

You are confident and arrogant at times. You are embodied by a deep inner knowing that you are here for a purpose much larger than you can put into words. Indigo children often know their life purpose and mission right from a very young age.


  1. You Have High Expectations of Yourself & Others

This makes all relationships and interactions challenging. You only see the best and expect others to live up to it. Towards yourself, you can be unrelentingly self-critical.


  1. You Are Perceptive

Indigos see the world differently. They have this innate self-assurance and often think that their way is right and are offended when others cannot see it, much less take action on their point of view. If Indigos ruled the world, no problems would exist.


  1. You Question Authority

Indigos are not ones to negotiate. They are the “Rule Breakers”. The non-conformists. They are so certain in their views and ways, they are often rebellious and critical of those in power because they can see the imbalance and corruption, and they have no issues calling them out. Many rules seem silly or arbitrary and Indigos prefer a fresh, creative approach to most things.


  1. You Want to Overturn “The Man”

Indigos see difficult and rigid systems to be foolish and often become antagonistic of what others experience as “normal”. Rigid authority with no room for input often annoys us and we tend to distance ourselves from these people, institutions, and organizations.


  1. You Are Creative

Musically and artistically gifted, Indigo’s art invites others to see the world through their eyes. They are highly intelligent and quick learners.


  1. You Are A Change Maker

Indigos have a keen perception on the failings of society and are magnificent leaders. Indigos offer better methods of business, society, and ways of being.


  1. You Feel Out of Place Here

Indigos feel out of place with other people and often feel radically different, like they don’t belong on this planet. They tend to be loners and rebels, unwilling to compromise just to fit in with the herd mentality.


  • You Are Incredibly Driven

The Indigo’s soul mission is encoded in their very being and because of this, they are unwilling to back down from confronting what feels out of integrity. We are called to help others in large and profound ways.


  • Passionate and Focused

Indigos come with fiery temperaments full of passion for everything they do. They are often hard to take as they refuse to be still or silenced.


  • Highly Psychic

Their psychic capacity is finely tuned without any need for further development. This gives them an advantage over others as they are like human lie detectors. They can read other people’s intentions energetically with ease, and see through the masks to the core of your being. You can’t hide anything from an Indigo.


  • Frustrated

Indigos come with a big picture vision and a restless soul drive for change. Because of this, they easily become frustrated with society and others who aren’t shifting quickly enough. Patience is a trait that needs to be developed.



Challenges of Being An Indigo


Not everyone born in this generation carries this new blueprint. The earlier Indigos known as “scouts” must go through the process of ascension, resolving karma, old patterning and beliefs at an accelerated rate in order to merge with their lightbodies and become spiritual teachers and leaders.

Being an Indigo isn’t something to be idealized. Beyond our responsibility to the planet and humanity, the drive of the Indigo can often become paralyzed at times.

The primary purpose of the Indigo is to help humanity break free from all of their past limitations and to break down our own and outdated habits and belief systems. To do this they’ve been gifted with warrior personalities, psychic gifts, and a strong intuition. 

Indigo children are destined to make changes, to challenge society, and to be outspoken about what we see as flaws in the system. When the mission is complete (one that we have known our entire lives), we are forced to drastically shift our life purpose. Those who are thrown off their life path early- their push for progress is thwarted or forgotten- often turn in on themselves.


Many indigos go into deep depressions, addictions, and even suicide. The governing soul purpose and mission is so strongly ingrained, when we are unable to create the changes that we are adamantly know need to be made, we can turn in on ourselves and spiral into dark states.


The worst outcome for an Indigo is to be ignored or mocked. Their perception is hawk-like and they are able to see, and foresee the pitfalls at all levels, and are compelled to create change at massive levels.


One of the most blessed attributes of the Indigo children is their integrity. They live in their integrity and can easily sense when others are dishonest. This is hard for an indigo as the world can be a very corrupt and indifferent place. They carry a deep knowing that they are “right” even though they may not be able to explain why they know what they do. Their psychic abilities allow them to tap the resources of the entire universe and gain the answers they need.

Most of humanity carries the belief that we are separate from one another. You have your own mind and body, your own thoughts and feelings, and your own life. Indigos know this isn’t true. We are here to eliminate this old belief system and bring everyone closer to the truth: we are all one. We have forgotten the connection that exists between our minds.

When humans started to think with ego, rather than feel through Spirit, they lost the ability to remain tapped into the collective consciousness.

Every soul on earth is at least a 7th dimensional spiritual being, and it’s time to reclaim this spiritual connection and power.

Indigo children are souls present on earth to help realign humanity with our authentic truth as multidimensional spiritual beings. They are the rule breakers, and are here on a special mission to help humanity evolve and move towards a higher level of Christ consciousness.

We are here to remind you to access the collective love and wisdom of humanity, while at the same time, helping you to leave behind all that no longer serves you.


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