Light And Dark The Battle For Your Soul

 There has been a powerful shift in energy on this planet that has been calling all human beings to wake up.

There’s a battle going on. A battle for your soul.

Many who have taken to religion, rather than spirituality (your true nature), believe this battle to be between God and a Devil. That’s not the case.

The battle has always been between dark and light on the planet. As the darkness starts to lose, it turns to you. You are filled with a lack of self-worth and you are ripe for the darkness to tell you that you’re nothing. You’ll believe it. And it starts to turn inwards.

The darkness knows you’re always in doubt. If you’re in denial about yourself, it creates dysfunction and dis-ease, and you won’t last long.

Darkness is the absence of light. You’re the active part of it. What you’re building in the dark is everything you’re afraid of. You’re building it in your mind and you worry about it. You become afraid of things and you start the ‘list’. The list comes from your Akash. You built it up over many lifetimes.

You built the house of darkness and packed it with bad outcomes.

It’s all you. You have created it from the dark. It didn’t come from evil spirits or demons. It’s YOU creating it, and you pick it up and carry it around with you everywhere- telling anyone who will listen.

No matter how dark you perceive anything, any situation, any human being in your life right now- you’ve created it, and carry it around on your shoulder as a burden.

You share the drama of it with everyone. You verbalize it, and so it remains. You’re proud of it. “Here’s what’s wrong with me…”

The words you cast out are like an order at a restaurant. Whatever you ask for, you get. Here’s your order.

You create the darkness from bad habits of not understanding that light is at your beck and call.

And those who continue to wallow in the drama and fear, will not live near as long as those who don’t.

You are the torchbearer. You cannot quench the light of God. You can’t stop the eternalness of what’s inside you. You’ve been here forever and you will be here forever.

You’re carrying a beacon of light that the dark will never penetrate. You walk into a room carrying your light and the dark runs from you! You clear it by your presence.

With this new energy you no longer need crutches like smudging or crystal, your guardian angels, or ‘magic’ to clear the energies. You only need your own light shining bright.


Internally, your spirit looks for and expects joy, benevolence, and balance. It looks for a coherence with itself that doesn’t fight with fear. When it sees coherence, you live longer.

Negativity is buried in light. Darkness doesn’t have an energy of its own. It must have the absence of light to win.

Disease is a low vibration. If you stay in fear- you’re opening the door.

This new energy on the Earth is powerful. People are dying early because the energies are too much for them. They don’t want to accept the change.

Wake up and get out of the old paradigm. It’s time to change it. Instead of waking up every day thinking, “What are we going to worry about today?” and going through the mental check list, create a positive affirmation about joy and that will dissolve any negativity.

Say to yourself, “I am a perfect being of God inside, made by the Creator to be perfect in his/her image of perfection. That’s who I am!”

How often do you laugh? How often do you laugh at yourself when no one is around?

You’re in control of reality that’s not randomness.

Whenever you’re in a state of expanding your own consciousness, you’re impacting the whole. You’re part of this bigger expansion that brings humanity closer to a collective shift in consciousness. You can affect the entire collective.

The way you affect that is by doing the work on yourself that’s needed in order to let go of judgement, release fears, and embrace the aspects of yourself that have been lurking in the shadows of your energy field.

You were designed to fly with peace and compassion. Soar beyond any consciousness that you’ve ever inherited. Step out of the cultural inheritance of what you were told you were.

You are an illumined being. You’re being pulled by your Higher Self.

The first step is to understand that you can fly. To understand that you’re not who you were told you are. And to KNOW it at the intuitive core level. I am NOT who I was told.

You can’t sit in an old energy paradigm with this new energy. You can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing. It doesn’t work that way. Sooner or later you’re going to see the dysfunction of yourself.

Those who are fighting the change are having the hardest time. They’re struggling, they’re lashing out, they’re battling with ‘depression’ and addictions, trying to outrun themselves. And they’re losing.

Those who are flowing with the light are starting to see their past karmic patterns of dysfunction. They’re cutting out the people and situations that no longer serve their highest good. They’re starting to level up their lives in ways that nourish the soul.

The Greatest Secret Is Hidden Inside You

Your biology is designed to listen to what you’re saying. Science has proven that cells listen to consciousness. The chemistry is created from consciousness. The body has been listening to you far more than you ever thought.

Inside of you is an Innate Intelligence that’s directly connected to your Higher Self. It sits there with all of the answers. It sits there with the Divine ability to create absolute miracles. The ability to heal your body, to make you live hundreds of years- to do absolutely anything.secret hidden inside you

It sits there waiting for you to call upon it.

I want you to think about something for a minute.

When you have an illness, you see a doctor and you are prescribed medications to cure that illness. When you put that medication inside your mouth, you are taking it with the intent of healing you. Your body sees that intent and immediately goes to work on healing you. It’s listening to your instructions. The medication itself is just a placebo.

You have a system inside you that’s known to work. It’s not scientific. It’s a system where your innate intelligence sees something that you’re doing, through the remedy, and your intent, and then it cures. Innate awareness is ready to act on what you give it.

This is the method that was used long before there were drugs.

The body SEES the intent and then follows your instructions and heals itself. It rids itself of the problem.

In every single human being there is an innate awareness with its eyes wide open and its hand out, wanting to work for you. Your body is standing by ready to help you. It does everything!

Innate is ready to help your consciousness drop things that you don’t need anymore- that will not work anymore. The ‘medication’ of intent is pure, without bias. It sees the intent and it goes to work.

But if you think it won’t work- it won’t work.

Right now is a major time to release things that don’t work; especially the ones that you think you don’t have control of; because you do.

When you talk to your innate intelligence, you’re giving it a command. It’s not a wish. You’re saying to the body, “here’s the order I’m placing. Here’s what’s going to happen.”


Why Hasn’t Innate Intelligence Stepped In Before?

The premise of life itself, the whole setup with your Higher Self, with spirituality, says that you have free choice.

You can kill yourself slowly with bad habits, with bad verbiage, or you can do it all at once. That’s your free choice. And innate sits there ready for your instructions. It cannot act without your permission.

You can talk to your cellular structure, or you can let your body do whatever it wants to in full dysfunction and imbalance. That’s where disease comes from.

Those who are joyful and laugh a lot, live longer because the cellular structure is balanced. There’s a consistency and a coherence that works together to keep you alive.

You’ve got to release things. The self-worth issues. It stands in the way of so much. Release everything you were ever told about who you are by anybody.

Your innate knows what’s inappropriate. You just need to give permission to move into a place where you WILL feel your magnificence.

What you do today- starting slowly- your innate will hear IF there’s pure intent. If you’re just doing it to do it- it won’t work. But if you mean it, it’s going to start a process.

You need to put out the command and then see it as “Done”.

Let go of the human need to control the process.

When you start to see the results of innate intelligence delivering your order, it will be you feeling more comfortable with yourself; sleeping better at night without worrying; having joy come back so you start to awaken more joyful in the morning’ you’re going to start feeling it and you’re going to know it works.

Then you’ll begin to look at specifics to drop and release.

Get Rid of The Crutches

Some of you carry with you, either physically or psychologically, help so you don’t get into trouble. Your favorite crystals, your guardian angels- by those actions, you’re telling your own Self, your own psyche; even your Higher Self, you don’t trust your light. Get rid of them.get rid of the spiritual crutches

Tell your body you’re done with the crutches because all you needed before is IN you. Step into these places more powerful than you ever have before. Claim your light! You are a spiritual being- Act like it!

The consciousness of belief is needed for your next step of life, as self-healing, self-awareness- anything you’re trying to accomplish right now.

You have to align yourself with pure intent and believe it, before it will happen.

The first step you can take is cognizing this. Believe it or not. The body picks up on this belief as an absolute– it’s going to happen. It knows it’s going to happen.

As you start talking to innate and decoding your own psyche- if you have doubt- you’re wasting your time. It’s that profound. Belief is the key. You must have it in this new energy.

It’s not about actions, or how many times you do something. It’s about your belief. Is it going to work or is it not? Sometimes it takes time. Over a period of time, belief solidifies into truth.

Most don’t have 100% belief- they have 2%- that’s curiosity not belief. There’s no fear in faith.


Innate Affirmations

“Dear Spirit, I release anything that defines who I am.”

“Dear Spirit, those who have talked to me, systems who have talked to me, even instructors, and the ones who I’ve loved that have talked to me- I release information that is not majestic to my body.”

“Dear Spirit, I release any and all things in my Akashic Record that will keep me from seeing my magnificence today.”

“Dear Spirit, I release the frustration that keeps me from moving forward.”

“Dear Spirit, today I release all inappropriate things that would keep me anxious. Today I release all inappropriate things that would make me less healthy.”

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