Manifesting Instantly- Transform Your World Quickly

I’m sitting here in my livingroom writing to you about manifesting on a piece of lined paper.


Because the universe quite literally kicked my ass and woke me up to the truth of how out of balance my life has been lately. The final wake up call…. Crashing my computer.

In that moment of sheer panic came an enlightening calm, peace, and clarity about manifesting.

I’d like to share it with you so you can relate it to your own life and begin manifesting a different reality for yourself as well.


Manifesting and Light

Let’s begin right at the very beginning of this lesson. By now you’ve realized that we have all been undergoing a huge transformation for the last few years. Since December 21, 2012 to be exact.

After 26,000 years we have finally begun shifting back into a 5th dimensional energetic reality. We’ve begun integrating with our light bodies once again. Prior to this shift, a human being could only connect to their light bodies at the moment of death. Now, we’re able to inhabit our angelic light bodies while in physical form.

This has caused a whole host of ascension symptoms that, at times, are truly hard to bear, and often cause us to begin manifesting more darkness than light.

And since we are all energetic beings, we are not only affected by the leylines of the Earth’s energetic grid raising its consciousness, we are also affected by all of the energy surrounding us, as well as the energy of other people… as long as we allow it to affect us.


The Manifesting of a Twin Flame

Along this journey of ascension and trying to deal with my transformation, I encountered my twin flame.

Many would think that this would be an absolute blessing. Especially with all of the stories of twin flames and what a divine connection it is.

But in the beginning, it’s truly not a blessing. Not at first glance anyways.twin flames

The twin flame is an exact energetic blueprint match to us. The mirror back to you, shining a magnificent spotlight on all of the dense, low vibrational patterns that you’ve been clinging to for so long. The more you try to ignore them… the more they’re amplified and thrown in your face.

For so long as a human race we have resided, almost comfortably in a lower vibrational state. Living with fear, depression, dissatisfaction, and many negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

A twin flame energetically pulls all of those low vibrational energies to the surface, forcing you to face them…. Even while you’re separated from one another. And one of the biggest fear we all share is this fear of being loved and a fear of being rejected.

My twin and I are in separation. Or at least the illusion of it anyways. Physically we are separated. Emotionally and spiritually we are always connected.

Throughout the process of mirroring one another as twin flames do, we found ourselves going through a process of instantly manifesting…. More darkness than light.

You can concentrate on the separation more than anything when you are able to feel the energetic and emotional pull of your twin flame. You begin creating lies that you tell yourself, and each other. You wear masks in order to not allow anyone to see the real you. You try to protect yourself by putting up walls. You blame each other for everything that you see as “wrong” in your life. You willingly give up your power to other people… although no one can take anything from you that you don’t willingly give. And you run from one another, and most often into someone else’s arms, trying to escape the reality of the connection. But that other person only projects back to the reality of your connection to your twin as well.

The cycle becomes endless until you face reality.


The Reality of Manifesting

As a twin flame you tend to concentrate first on this “twin flame” label, and then on the physical separation.

But here’s the truth…

This universe, and every possible configuration of “reality” is already in existence. Right in this very moment. The universe exists in you, and you in it. Beautifully entangled in all that is.

This means that you have access to every single thing that your heart desires. If you can access that desire in your imagination, then you are able to fully enjoy the physical manifestation of it. And you don’t have to do a single thing physically to experience with the universe






You contain EVERYTHING, and all possible versions of your reality. They are simultaneously existing and “real”. This means that you already have everything you desire. You contain it all. It’s just that it’s not “visible” (and therefore “real”) to you.

Creation exists- here and now; outside of time; in one eternal Now moment. Everything that you believe you might “someday” have, or experience… you already have. Everything is already here, in varying states of visibility or invisibility. It depends on the frequency that you’re vibrating at; and this depends on the beliefs that you accept as ‘real’.

You cannot control another person. You can only control yourself. You can only “heal” yourself and your thinking, and live in the here and now, clearing away all of those lower vibrational energies.

Because it’s never about the other person. It’s always about YOU. It’s always about your transformation. It’s always about you shedding the darkness and residing in the light.


The Catalyst of Manifesting

It’s easy to look around you and see your current “reality” and become depressed. It’s always easier to concentrate on the things you don’t have… or believe you don’t have. It’s easy to wallow in self-pity and despair.

But at some point the light is going to kick your ass with a huge wake up call that you can’t ignore.low vibration energies

And that’s where I am today with you.

During this time of being separated physically from my twin, things have finally hit their peak. The tower moment where everything crashes at your feet, forcing you to transform and see reality for what it is.

For so long we fought, told half truths, or complete lies to each other; were deceptive; manipulative; blamed one another for ‘reality’; and ran from the connection.

We chose to spend our time focusing on ‘what’s wrong’ rather than what’s right. And what you focus on, you amplify. In all this desperation and low vibrational being, everything started to spiral down. One thing after another for a long period of time, until finally the universe got my attention by crashing my computer…. Violently.

What it gave me after the initial panic of being unable to run my business… is solitude. The ability to reconnect with my Higher Self and see my truth.


Manifesting Everything You Desire…. Quickly

The first truth you must accept is that you are a light being.

Light is active, dark is passive.

Negativity is buried in light.

Darkness doesn’t have an energy of its own. In order for darkness to win, it must have an absence of light.

We are multi-dimensional beings with a multi-dimensional field… the Merkabah. We are pure spirit. Pure light.

As humans we are always battling something… it’s not necessary.

As you start to work on yourself and shift your consciousness, the first thing you feel is peace. Anything you’re doing that’s raising the vibration of your DNA (consciousness) and is causing a better efficiency- is changing your vibration.

Disease (dis-ease) is a low vibration. So are negativity & fear. Once you raise your vibration, disease can’t touch you. If you remain in fear, you’re opening the door.

Ascension is simply making your cellular structure a higher vibration. When you do that, all of the old lower vibrations drop away.

How do you do that?

First, relax and be peaceful. This gives your body and Higher Self, or Innate Intelligence, a chance to talk to you. In that, you’ll find your metabolism start to shift and your cells work to give you better health. There’s no more burden.

Second, you need a clear intention. Think of it like medication. Taking a pill. When we take a pill, we believe that we’re going to get better. But what’s truly causing us to “heal” is the intent behind taking that pill.

If you give intent, verbally- and you mean it- your innate intelligence senses your intent and starts to shift your body and your “reality”- even before you do.


The Truth of Divine Timing In Manifesting

There is this fallacy that this higher power holds the reigns and decides what you will or won’t have; who you can and can’t be; what you can and cannot do.

We are ONE with Source and all that is; past, present, and future.divine timing

Divine timing simply means that once you come into alignment with your desire, the universe, or the “divine”, will find a way to bring your desire to fruition for you to experience.

Take that placebo pill for your life. Set your intention and believe it. Here’s the first one to take to shift your reality….

“I’m done worrying. I’m done being fearful of everything around me. I’m done with drama. I’m done with gossip. I’m done with bad health. I’m done with low vibrational energies. I accept abundance in all forms.”

Regardless what you want to come into your life, it requires action on your part as well. Hold the light of unconditional love and peace inside you at all times.

Fully experience what you want to manifest with all your feelings and senses and believe that this is your reality. Because that’s exactly what it is. Envision it as if it’s already here. This scene is just as real as what you see with your physical eyes, it’s on its way to materializing.

Once you’ve set the intent, believe that it’s real, and then take dedicated action to bring it into your reality. You’ll be led through a series of events and opportunities that lead you exactly where you just imagined yourself to be.

Are you going to embrace the light and begin manifesting everything you desire?

Stop being afraid.

It already lives in you. All you have to do is uncover it. Believe it and drop the old dark energies.

What will you begin manifesting today?


  • JeffO
    Posted July 24, 2020 4:15 AM

    I wasn’t entirely sure this was a page meant for me until I got to the paragraph starting with “Fully experience what you want to manifest with all your feelings and senses…”
    I have been explaining to others this very same notion for decades, and can cite dozens of examples how it worked out.
    Thank you from Tokyo…

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