Online Bullying Resources to Help You and Your Child

Finding bullying resources is simple today with the advent of the internet. Online anti-bullying information is everyplace. It’s important to differentiate between good information and poor information, though. Good information seeks to prevent bullying without ever blaming the child for being bullied. The following sites offer accurate information that you can easily access from the comfort of your home or the classroom.

* – This is a US Government site that has a lot of information about combatting bullying and educating the public about bullying. You can teach both the bullied and bullies about why bullying is bad and how to stop it. They are in partnership with the Department of Education and provide up-to-date information to help stop bullying.

* – This website claims to be the “World’s Authority” on bullying and it’s true they have tons of information about how to help different groups of people regarding bullying. They have a lot of stats that you can gather to help you educate others. For example, did you know that 43 percent of kids report that they’ve been a victim of online bullying?

* Anti-Bullying Alliance – This organization is out of London, England. They have so much information and it’s laid out very well. Even if you’re in another place, you can use a lot of the tips. They have a lot of advice for everyone, including teachers, students, parents, and others. You can even find a program that you can start in your local school with support.

Link –

* – This organization is from Washington DC and they have a lot of information about bullying as well as other issues. You can get handouts, tip sheets, webinars, and more, all about preventing violence and raising safe kids and creating strong families. The goal is to stop violence in our families and in our schools.

* American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry – This is a great place to find bullying facts and information as well as guides to help families combat bullying, whether their child is being bullied or is the bully. Often a child who has been bullied needs help building self-esteem, and finding a counselor for them can help. Likewise, if you have a child who is a bully, getting professional help for them can make all the difference.

Link –

* Child Safety Network – This organization (which is part of the Education Development Center in Massachusetts) has a great bullying prevention resource guide that you can use, as well as toolkits, programs, campaigns and more. Plus, you can find even more organizations that may help you overcome a bullying situation with your child.

Link – Prevention.pdf

Bullying is a chronic problem in most schools and should be addressed prior to any problems being developed. Schools that start an anti-bullying program from day one are less likely to have serious bullying problems.





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