Not sure if your chakras are blocked? Feeling a bit “off” lately and unsure what the cause is?

Your astrological chart says this is going to be a powerful high vibrational month and Mercury ISN’T in retrograde, so why are you feeling so imbalanced and out of sorts? Let’s consider your chakras and how much they can affect your daily life, keeping them healthy and open is crucial to sustaining a higher quality of life. But first, how do you know what signs to look for when dealing with oh-so-frustrating energy blockages and why the chakras are so important to our life force.

signs of blocked chakras

Chakras are the vital energy centers of your spiritual body. They can be visualized as colorful spinning wheels starting running from the bottom of your spine (Root Chakra) to the top of your head (Crown Chakra). When balanced and open the chakras can influence many areas of your life from the physical to emotional, they are responsible for harmonizing the flow of energy throughout your body. Blockages in these energy centers manifest in disease and mental illness. The more energy, or Prana, that flows freely through the chakras, the more vibrant, healthier and fulfilled your life will be.

Learning where your chakras are located and the basics for on how to keep them balanced is essential for the highest quality of life!

The lower chakras (root, sacral, navel or solar plexus) are our instinctual ones, bringing opportunity for unhappiness. The upper chakras (heart, throat) our mental ones which bring opportunity for happiness.

Finding Blockages in the Chakras

The Root Chakra – located at the base of the spine

Responsible for connecting and grounding us with the physical world, the Root Chakra greatly influences our sexual energy and enjoyment of others. Connecting us in a healthy way with your family of origin, and society. Here is where we learn to relate with our siblings, parents, and community. If birth to 7 years old were dysfunctional and without much love, there will be issues with emotions, stress, anxiety and restlessness. This chakra is about survival and the desire for children within a relationship.

A blocked root chakra will cause challenges with fears, letting go, the right to be here and boundaries within relationships, financial stress, and security issues.

The Sacral Chakra – found just below the belly button

The Sacral Chakra relates to relationships, sexuality, ability to connect with others and desires for a comfortable life. Here we develop our individuality from our parents and family and exploring the opposite sex.

When this sacral chakra is blocked there can be jealousy, betrayal and issues with control within a relationship.

Feeling sexually unattractive with low libido can be concerns in this energy center.

The Solar Plexus Chakra – located in your upper abdomen between the lower rib cage

This is the chakra of self esteem, material pleasures such as marriage for power and attainment of cars, homes, and objects. It relates to your emotions, self honor, self confidence, warmth and intelligence within a relationship. Here you become aware of your personal power, integrity, and self respect.

Emotional challenges when  the Solar Plexus chakra is blocked are low self esteem, judgment, criticism, anger and fears.

Physical manifestations are stomach pains and uneasiness.

The Heart Chakra – found right near your heart center

This is the chakra of favorable relationships and lasting marriages, affecting our ability to give and receive love.  Here we create love based on a desire to create peace and happiness for our partners. With an open heart chakra we have clear lungs, strong immune systems and are able to forgive. Blocks in this chakra cause resentments, anger, and denied feelings in a relationship. When this chakra is unhealthy we find ourselves alone, lacking self love, feeling despair, inadequate and needy.

The Throat Chakra – located at the throatchakras in the body

This chakra is about the right to speak, being heard and feeling empowered in relationships. Here we resonate with truth, manifest our destiny and express ourselves. When this chakra is healthy we control our emotions within relationships, not acting on ego based decisions. A blocked throat chakra means we have difficulty communicating, feel embarrassed, and suppress necessary feelings with those closest to us.

Throat and sinus sufferers will greatly benefit from a Throat Chakra cleansing.

The Third Eye Chakra – Also called the Brow Chakra, this wheel is found in the middle of your forehead

The Third Eye Chakra is energy center of intuition. This is where we make decisions, use our imagination and find the ability to see the big picture. Blockages in this area will cause problems with creativity, focusing on tasks and setting goals.

The Crown Chakra – located at the very top of your head.

This is the chakra of spiritual connection, wisdom, intuition and consciousness. It assists in reflection, introspection and meditation. When you are feeling disconnected from the world, empty inside, apathetic, or lost chances are this energy center is blocked.

Headaches, vertigo and ringing in the ears are all symptoms of a Crown Chakra that has lost its flow.

Learning where your chakras are, and deciphering a few simple clues to look for to determine if there are blockages or imbalances, will boost you to the next level in caring for your chakras and preventing future blockages. Keeping our chakra energy flowing is just as important to a healthy life as eating nutritious meals, getting plenty of sleep and exercise!

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