5 Different Forms of Spiritual Ascension

Guest Post by Chris- Individualogist.com

Spiritual ascension, or the process of ascending to a higher level of consciousness enough to tap the spiritual realm, is a highly abstract experience that is often neglected by many. Without our knowledge, our spiritual self seems to move forward and expand, making us experience new phases and meanings in life that we’ve never had before.

As an example, a moment of spiritual ascension happens when we have a déjà vu. Without reason or explanation, we get to visualize things that will happen in the future. Such a moment of illumination speaks to us as it mysteriously communicates the unexplainable.

Such an experience mentioned above usually sparks a moment of spiritual ascension. The problem is, more often than not, we dismiss these moments of spiritual ascension as isolated cases of being spiritually heightened. More so, we can even sometimes dismiss them as insignificant experiences, part of those thoughtlessly going down the drain of irretrievable memories.

With this, it is crucial to recognize at least five forms of spiritual ascension. In doing so, we become aware of them and see them as a leveled process of relevant experiences instead of isolated cases.

  1. Heightened sensitivity and awareness

Are you familiar with goosebumps? While this trivial feeling can be nothing more than an insignificant one, this can also be a sign of heightened sensitivity and awareness of one’s inner and outer life.

Like a premonition, heightened awareness means that we are becoming more conscious of the intangible things around us. Our body reacts in a manner that it feels what it doesn’t see, often signifying a moment of spiritual ascension.

  1. Changing energy levels

Physically, changing energy levels is usually a good sign of spiritual ascension. By observing our energies upon waking up in the morning, we get to have a sense of increasing or decreasing enthusiasm to face the day’s challenges.

As we become increasingly aware of such, we get to have a sense or feel of our general approach towards life. This will point us back to the core of our being, a moment which may lead us to spiritual ascension.


  1. Feeling of being trapped by the big questions

What is the meaning of my life? Is there life after death? Do my actions in this life affect the quality of the other? Answering these questions will often lead us to that moment of spiritual ascension. The very nature of these questions already entails a spiritual awakening, one that cannot be answered through the world’s ways.

Thus, paying close attention to such can be one of the keys to ascend in the levels of consciousness.

  1. A sense of longing

Beyond the above-mentioned questions, an inner sense of longing is usually a good sign of spiritual ascension. When we begin to experience that indescribable feeling of wanting something unclear, it usually signifies a deeper calling. When we start having that in us, it is crucial to pay attention instead of dismissing it as an insignificant thought.

When we begin connecting the questions that we ask with this more profound sense, we inch closer to spiritual ascension.

  1. A search for answers

Although we may never really know if we can find one, a search for answers in life’s biggest arena is a particular sign of spiritual awakening. When we begin clawing our way through the muck of the world to see the more profound truth of things, we’re already experiencing the awakening itself.

In all these forms of spiritual awakening, the key is in knowing that such is happening, as it helps us prepare and begin with our journey forward. By becoming aware, we allow ourselves to indulge in the whole process, making it much easier to reach the deeper truth of our existence.

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    Thats what an angel is. Dust pressed into a diamond by the weight of this world. #TheOA needs your help. #SaveTheOA

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