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4 Levels of Love

The 4 Levels of Love

There are 4 levels of love that we as human beings can be engaged in at different points in our life. We tend to drift inlevels of love and out of different levels from time to time. But loving is a conscious choice, it’s a decision that you make and commit to, so you absolutely can choose to move to a new level that speaks to the soul.

Level 1: Selfish Love: My Needs Come First

This level of love is a baby love because babies love as long as they get what they want. You are playing at this level where if you don’t get what you want, or you don’t get love the way you want it, the way you define it, or the way you think that it should be, you get mad, get angry, you cry, you throw tantrums, complain, throw physical objects, or whatever it is.

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7 Master Skills of Relationship

The 7 Master Skills of Magical Relationships

In every area of life there are rules that need to be followed in order for things to run smoothly and harmoniously. master skillsRelationships are no different. There are rules to love and by understanding, practicing, and mastering these fundamental skills that are absolutely crucial in your success in finding, creating, and nurturing a magical relationship. There is so much to learn and appreciate about the needs, feelings, and behaviors of not only yourself, but of your partner as well, and how to use these understandings to best support your partner and your relationship and to have it grow into something so amazing and beyond your wildest dreams.

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Lovers for Life- How to Have the Ultimate Relationship


How To Have the Ultimate Relationship: That Magical Love Story

The ultimate relationship… that magical love story…. there is one thing that everyone wants in life. Happiness, joy, a love and passionsense of aliveness, a sense of meaning in our life, and that meaning comes from and is magnified most in our interactions with the people we love. Nothing is more powerful than to feel that sense that your life matters because you have touched another person’s soul, someone that you passionately love. The only thing that’s equally as powerful is to feel that love and passion coming back to you.

People aren’t just lucky. You can’t just magically have the ultimate relationship. It’s something that we create. Even if there is that magic moment where your eyes meet or you recognize that connection almost instantly, that moment was created by two souls that were prepared. Two people that understand the depth of what they are here for. Two people who are ready to love.

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6 Human Needs For Relationships Success

6 Human Needs For Relationship Success and Total Fulfillment

Each of us has 6 human needs, not merely desires, but fundamental needs that underlie and

human needs
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ultimately motivate every choice we make. In order to understand any behavior whether it’s your own or someone else’s, it’s important to understand which of these needs the person is trying to meet.

Most often when relationships and marriages break down, one of the partners is left angry or confused because they believe that they were adequately meeting their partner’s needs. While they may have been meeting many of their needs, they weren’t meeting the needs their partner believed was the most important to them. What you need and what your partner needs may very well be quite different and if you’re not meeting their needs, the relationship will eventually break down or end all together.

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Healthy Relationship Blueprint

10 Habits for Couples in a Healthy Relationship

I’m often asked how do I know if I’m in a healthy relationship or for advice on building healthy relationships. healthy relationshipForming those bonds of trust, love, and true intimacy takes time and a real effort. Nothing ever happens overnight. For any relationship to grow and remain strong, it needs to be built on solid foundations and requires each of you to practice daily habits.


Healthy Relationship Habits


Communication is vital for a healthy love relationship. But not everyone knows how to properly communicate. Some people will actually shut down when it comes to communication because they are either afraid to make waves, or they just expect their partner to know what’s on their mind. Don’t be that person. Open and honest communication is necessary to build a healthy relationship with your partner. Vocalizing your love and appreciation for one another, and openly discussing the bad instead of hoping it will disappear is also necessary.