The 12th Chakra of Universal Unity

The 12th chakra is located above the 11th chakra. It is a multi-faceted, multi-colored orbs of light, known as the chakra of Universal Consciousness. It allows us to transcend the mundane to reach enlightenment and commune with the divine.

It allows us to stretch beyond our common sphere of understanding into universal unity with all that is. It’s said that it’s the chakra of mastery of the soul’s purpose through our human existence.

If you witness this chakra through your 3rd eye you will see it vibrating like a swirling color-filled sun that can only be truly appreciated in out of body states or with the mind’s inner eyes. The 12th chakra is a reflection of the Monad individualized. It burns brightly and is hot because the sun provides warmth, light, and energy. The 12th chakra is our source of strength and power and our ability to create change not only in the physical dimension but the nonphysical dimension as well.

The 12th chakra contains the ascension energies which are used at the proper times to bathe all other chakras below it in ascension energy and cause them to accelerate faster than light. This eventually results in the annihilation of the physical body and the manifestation of the light body in its place. At this point, you are fully ascended and can go any place in the universe.

The base chakra is the cousin to this chakra because it contains the kundalini energy, which is seed energy from the 12th chakra, placed there to accelerate you to the first stage of spiritual enlightenment. The second stage is the release of the ascension energies contained in the 12th chakra which propels us to a new existence beyond time and space.

The 12th chakra has 777,777 spokes. It rotates at 768,167 rotations per minute. The 12th chakra is masculine and the 11th chakra is feminine. In masculine and feminine we aren’t talking about human terms. Masculine current is creative, outgoing, vibrant, and gross. Feminine current is loving, inner nurturing, and subtle.

The 11th chakra contains the advanced skills that the 12th chakra releases. Skills like out of body experiences outside of the solar system and out of body time travel beyond 200 years, healing of self and others, sometimes instantaneous healing or at the very least very quickly. Telekenesis and teleportation are also possible but these two don’t show themselves until just prior to ascension energies completing its ascension process. Control over the natural elements can also be developed (air, water, fire, and earth) to an advanced degree when this chakra begins opening.

The 12th chakra is the doorway to the cosmos and beyond. Because of this, many of the skills released here are meant to be used off the earth and beyond. Any form of problem associated with these skills can be caused by an incorrectly wired 11th chakra. What you are likely to see here are blocked ascension energies here.

Blocked ascension energies can cause very strange problems, like spontaneous uncontrolled out of body experiences, uncontrolled spontaneous movements of physical objects and appearing and disappearing objects, uncontrolled healing ability, uncontrolled inner visions that disrupt the normal flow of the day. What happens is this energy backs up and when it gets strong enough, it burst through and over-energizes the 11th chakra, releasing these skills quickly and unintentionally.

Healing the 12th Chakra

A proper clearing and balancing of this chakra is a must as it shows that you have a fear of leaving the earth. You may not realize that the ascension energies are a part of you but you will have a sense that something is changing. You may fear these changes and start blocking the energies. You need to realize that these energies will not transform you off the planet overnight. It’s just a beginning process that can take years to complete. There is no set timeframe for ascension. It can happen in one year or over a lifetime. No one ascends until they are ready and have finished what they came to do on the Earth.

Healing and balancing the 12th chakra requires a high vibration. I suggest meditation before you begin. Burn some incense or do whatever it takes to put you in the highest spiritual state you can be.

Place one hand over the heart chakra and the other just above the top of your head. Vibrate the mantra: NA-EL-EE-EL. NALEL is Enochian and means “From the highest rivers flows life”.  It’s an energy that unlocks the 12th chakra and will bring it into balance.

Do a 12th chakra balance every 2 months if you’re having issues with this chakra until it remains on track. Typically, problems with the 12th chakra fix themselves if left alone, however, you may want to speed up the healing process with some healing work.

If you want to douse the 12th chakra, place a small clear quartz crystal with the point facing up, away from the feet, on the brow and then hold the dousing crystal over the crown chakra and you should be able to read it.

Dousing is the ability to discern the condition of the chakra from a pendulum. Hold the dousing crystal over the chakra to see how it reacts. If it spins clockwise in a large circle, the chakra is open and functioning properly. If it rotates in a small circle, the chakra is partially open. If it moves side to side, the chakra is partially blocked. If it doesn’t move at all, the chakra is closed and not working at all. If it rotates counterclockwise, it indicates that the chakra is dormant but working fine and you have not reached the point where this chakra is ready to open.

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