The Different Types of Bullying

Bullying comes in seven different forms that can easily be recognizable. Often a bully will use more than one type of bullying to really cause chaos in their victim’s life. The best way to deal with any type of bullying is directly – by ending the ability for the bully to have access to their victim, then giving everyone education about it.

1. Physical – This type of bullying is also physical abuse. This happens when the bully punches, bites, and otherwise makes physical threats against the person they are bullying, to intimated them. They may also take the lunch money, toys, books, and destroy the property of their target. This type of bullying is the most immediately dangerous due to the risk of injury and even death, and most of the time it requires the law to get involved.

2. Verbal – Sometimes physical bullying also has a component of verbal abuse simultaneously. This type of bullying includes persistent name calling, threats, and other verbal abuse that ruins the self-esteem of the victim.

3. Emotional – This type of bullying can be very pervasive and often happens within peer groups as well as relationships. For example, a boyfriend or girlfriend might withhold love if the person isn’t acting how they want them to in a way that is abusive.

4. Sexual – Any type of unwanted physical, verbal or emotional contact that is sexual in nature and repetitive is a form of sexual bullying. For example, a young girl might get made fun of on a bus because her breasts are bouncing during the ride to school or home, causing her a lot of shame.

5. Racist – This type of bullying may be made through jokes, slurs, racist posters, and even physical intimation using known racist symbols, terms, and gestures. A person using racist bullying may make fun of the victim’s way of dressing, praying, or living according to their culture.

6. Social – This often happens in peer groups where a group bullies a victim into doing things they really didn’t want to do such as use drugs, perform sexual acts, or do other things – even how they dress. It can be mild or very dangerous.

7. Cyber – This is any type of bullying that happens through online means such as chats, social media, instant messaging, texting, recording, or doing other things to embarrass or target the victim in question.

These seven types of bullying are all too common. If you can determine the type of bullying, you may also be able to find the key to making the bullying stop by controlling the environment of the ones who bully as well as the ones being bullied. You can provide more supervision, more controls, as well as education for everyone to stop it.


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