The Divine Feminine- The Creatrix:

Rise up my feminine energies! Your time to shine has returned.

With all this talk of the divine feminine and divine masculine, I thought it was time to talk about what is the divine feminine, what happened to her, and why she is resurfacing once again to lead us into the next evolution of humanity.


What Is The Divine Feminine?:

The divine feminine is not only about women. The term is gender-free. “As above, so below”…

As within the angelic realm, the Archangels are androgynous. They carry both feminine and masculine energies. Source (God) is both God and Goddess. Neither male nor female, and is beyond form and duality.

As humans we tend to name and give form to an abstract concept so that we can connect to it at our level of awareness.

Human beings also carry both feminine and masculine energy, wisdom, and tools. We individually choose to either identify with the feminine or masculine energy within us, but we are both.

It’s sacred, sensual, and beyond the realm of day to day living. It’s the positive expression of the feminine side that exists in all of us. It’s a route to the Higher Self and the healing of the soul.

The sacred feminine is the energy that is innate in each of us and in the universe that serves life itself. The qualities of unconditional love, beauty, compassion, patience, gentleness, nurturing, welcoming, acceptance, forgiveness, kindness, intuition, and healing.

Divine feminine represents the connection to the part of your consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition, and empathy, regardless of your gender.

It’s the aspect of the Self associated with “creation”, intuition, community, sensuality (felt sense rather than thinking), and collaboration.


The Divine Feminine is the creatrix. She is the one that gives birth to this physical reality that we live in. The womb of the woman, along with her sexual organs, is so sacred. The womb is literally a stargate. It’s what a soul uses to come into a physical body in order to experience the physical dimension through the merging of masculine and feminine energy.

Divine feminine energy gives rise to divine masculine energy, as it is a “home” or “cosmic mother” for all creation.

The divine feminine is linked to water- the element of the emotional world. Feminine energy is very connected to their emotions. They are the fuel of life. Love is what pushes you towards your dreams. And expressing emotions is a sign of maturity.

The divine feminine is also linked with healing. Feminine energies are the healers of the world because they are capable of awakening the greatest force within themselves and within others: Love. And love is the highest healing energy.

The divine feminine is the catalyst, the drive and inspiration of man. She is the awakening force that leads you to have your own experience within this universe. She’s what allows you to stand in your true power because she helps you to find that power within, not to take it from others.


What Happened To The Divine Feminine?:

The divine essence has become a Father God figure elevated over Mother God, where man is valued over woman.

In our society, the Goddess, the feminine energy of creation has been suppressed. Religions took over the spiritual aspects of life in order to establish a caste to have the monopoly of the teachings. This was done to manipulate what they taught, so that the masses would be kept away from experiencing expanded states of consciousness: our power has been suppressed.

For centuries, the divine feminine has been downplayed, demeaned, removed from her place of honor and reverence by the dominant patriarchal culture.

As young girls we are taught how to act as young ladies and women. Our energies are tamed because society would not approve. Women who don’t let their energies wane are given names like slut, provocative, whore, bitch, temptress, etc.

Our cultures are filled with an enormous amount of fear, distortion, and confusion surrounding feminine sexuality. The media bombards us with images and ideas of what it means to be feminine, sexy, powerful, and a woman- and most of it is disempowering.

What you believe about your feminine sexuality is most likely a culmination of other people’s opinions. Very rarely do we hold our own opinions of what it truly means to be a divine feminine or masculine in control of their sexuality.

But it’s not just the outside world that tears down the divine feminine. We do it to one another as well. Rather than looking at another feminine as your divine sister in a sacred journey, we look at her as competition and rip her apart as well.

And we tear down our own divine femininity by believing that we are damaged or somehow wounded. The true divine feminine is powerful, loving and caring. There is no energy of desperation, lack, neediness, or brokenness. The wounded self only believes that it is wounded. This is an illusion. A choice- to feel this way.

We are only “wounded” because we choose to follow this belief, to let it affect us, and to make it mean something about us.

We are wounded by voices that tell us we aren’t enough, strong enough, bold or brave enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, ‘right’ enough, desirable enough, or wealthy enough.

The word ‘feminine’ isn’t always associated with power.


The divine feminine energy is one of feeling fulfilled and free within the Self, and love illuminates her path from the inside out.

She is the energy of being-ness.

She is fiercely protective of her time and energy. She follows the beat of her own drum, knowing innately that all hearts beat as one.

She is the essence of innocence, purity, love, humility, and divine knowing. This is why she sustains life and builds empires out of grace, gratitude, and giving. In the end, she is the one who receives.

The feminine energy is an amazingly powerful and alchemical energy of massive manifestation and soulful creative drive. She is a magnet to everything she wants, because she is in the divine energy of co-creation and manifestation.


Claiming Your Divine Feminine Power:

1, Cooperate Rather Than Compete: We have been raised with the belief that competition is inherent to success and we often look at others as possible threats.

To really harness your divine feminine energy is to view others as mentors for their ability to forge new and exciting pathways in the world.

Instead of focusing on how you feel ‘less’ than the most powerful person in the room, focus on bringing this person into your circle and consider what value you can add to their life. Doing this will immediately make you feel more competent and powerful.

2, Compliment Rather Than Criticize: Society teaches us to focus on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right. What we focus on grows. Focusing on what we don’t like in another person, or within our selves, only amplifies that thing. Take the time to find the things that you DO like within yourself and others and pay them genuine compliments from the heart.

3, Create Rather Than Deconstruct: There is a voice of possibility inside of you that encourages you to create, reminds you of the upside of risks, and points out your resourcefulness. What creation can you give birth to? Who can you collaborate with to bring life to it?

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