The Divine Masculine

Before we dive into the qualities and characteristics of who the Divine Masculine truly is, and who he isn’t, it’s imperative that we get something straight first. The Divine Masculine is not gender specific. As we covered within the Divine Feminine, we each carry both masculine and feminine energies. Any one, regardless of gender, can be a divine masculine.

Characteristics of the Divine Masculine:

While the Divine Feminine energy is inward directed, the masculine energy is outward directed. It’s the kind of energy that moves from A to B, that rushes forward toward a goal. It does this through logic. Logic is needed when it comes to planning and achieving something.

Strength: When we talk about the Divine Masculine strength, it’s about more than just physical strength. It’s that strength that comes from Spirit. The inner strength that can make you go through any challenge, no matter the obstacle. The Divine Masculine can, and will, overcome them all.

He is gentle but strong. He has an appropriate action of guidance and leadership, without the need for ego-stroking. He turns away from greed and conflict, instead choosing to remain in a space of honor, honesty, and diplomacy.
He’s confident but not arrogant, adventurous but not reckless. He makes you feel safe, supported and protected, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

He inspires and unites the realm to follow his lead. He combines his strength with intelligence, right-action, and wisdom.

Wisdom: He is settled in the knowing that everything is as it should be, everything changes, and there is no lack or anything to genuinely fear. He is the care taker between the ego-personality and Spirit.
He knows how to obtain higher perspective and detach from (or become neutral) to inner and outer storms, and how to connect deep inner truths and resources with his experience of life.

He brings power and confidence to difficult situations requiring resolution, change, or shifting.
When fully connected to his Divine essence, he is the ego in service to, and enjoys a “right relationship” with the Higher Self’s power. He’s detached from the ordinary life flow. He watches and engages energies with wisdom and toned action needed to create a synchronistic harmony of life.

He quietly and deftly shares wise counsel with others and a channeled direction that shifts the recipient into new possibilities and pathways that reflect “right action” of their life path. He also quietly supports the wisdom of others without seeking acclaim or notice for his contribution.

Protection: The Divine Masculine is a warrior. He fights the good fight. He doesn’t fight others. He only fights for truth, for himself, and for the good of all people. He’s the protector of the voiceless, and above everything of his beloved Divine Feminine and of his family.

He governs the domain of material manifestation, family, and “kingdom”. The kingdom is his sphere of influence, including his relationships to individuals, and physical locations (home, neighborhood, community), material wealth and abundance.

Power: Power is not an external source, it’s very much internal. The Divine Masculine’s power allows him to stand up for himself and for what’s right. He sets clearly defined boundaries, and no one can walk through them. He is a king- he doesn’t bend, bow, or kneel to anyone. He also doesn’t want anyone to bow, kneel, or worship him. That is true inner power. It comes from knowing who you are. It’s not taken from others, and it’s not obtained through trickery, deception, or manipulation.

His power is in his presence. His spiritually centered awareness is focused completely in the present moment. He embodies love, compassionately expressed to whomever is within his presence.
He stands for the divine right of happiness- equally for all races, genders, and sexual expressions.

Focus: When the Divine Masculine knows where he wants to go, nothing can stop him. Because through his power, determination and focus, he will always reach his dreams.

Light: The Divine Masculine can easily connect and feel connected to all that is. He’s constantly searching to improve, learn, and expand himself.

Warrior: His warrior qualities include: decisiveness and clarity of thought, selfless service, genuine humility, strength of “knowing”, courage to do what serves the highest good of all, even when it’s a challenge to do so.

Lover: This aspect of the Divine Masculine has been so distorted within our societies. It’s not about the sexual and how many women he can bed. This has been distorted into a selfish and dense expression that lacks breadth or spirit.
While most commonly expressed in romantic and sexual form, the Lover contains a much fuller, divine expression.
The Divine Masculine is intimately interested in all forms of sensory engagement, seeing the world in all of its beauty and splendor. He’s a playful and healthy embodiment without shame. He seeks to experience beauty and unity in daily life.

The Divine Masculine is focused on the quality of the connection and engagement. He appreciates beauty in all forms and makes each moment of life to be a “work of art”. He is sensitive to the needs of others, as well as their moods, and is intuitively responsive. He brings the “joy of life” to all conversations and engagements.
The Divine Masculine is not “performing”, he’s relaxed into “being”- he feels without the pressure to ‘accomplish’ or ‘gain’.

The Imbalance Of The Divine Masculine

The imbalance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies is the fundamental cause of human suffering. It has steered us from living in a state of balance and harmony within Nature.

We exist in a world where the divine masculine energy has become so strong and distorted that it has weakened the divine feminine energy, preventing it from expressing its qualities effectively.

Divine Masculine traits are not ones of domination and control. These are egoistic and toxic traits of the masculine. One cannot be rational at the expense of a lack of emotional maturity. One cannot have strength while being overpowering, overbearing, and ego-driven.

It is humanity’s obsession with the Divine Masculine energy that has weakened the Divine Feminine energy, allowing the masculine power to grow out of control and manifest the desire to want to prove to Mother Nature (Gaia) that the masculine force is better than the feminine force.

This distortion dates back to biblical times, with Adam and Eve as its beginning. True masculine and feminine is nothing more than the 2 creative forces of polarity and why those 2 forces are constantly fighting and making love with one another. The process of fighting (expanding) and making love (contracting) allows the manifestation of negative and positive experiences. The knowledge and experience gained from those experiences teach these 2 creative forces of polarity to achieve a state of balance and harmony.

During ancient times, there were secret societies and civilizations that worshipped the Moon. During these times the Moon (moon goddess) was named Sin.

Today, we live in a world ruled by secret societies (religion & government) controlled mostly by men. These male-dominated secret societies have brainwashed the masses to worship the Divine Masculine energy (Sun/Jesus/Lucifer). To prevent us from worshipping the Moon and Mother Earth (Gaia). They tell us that we were “born in sin” and if we want to free ourselves and our Spirit from sin, we need to worship the ‘Sun’ (Son) and Jesus, and accept him as our Savior.

This idea that we need to worship the Sun/Jesus and accept him as our Savior is nothing more than the distorted and unbalanced version of the Divine Masculine energy wanting to prove that it’s better than the feminine energy.

The truth is that the Divine Masculine energy cannot exist in a balanced and conscious state without the Divine Feminine energy (yin-yang). If the Divine Feminine energy were to suddenly cease to exist, the Divine Masculine energy would become so out of balance, that it would cease to exist.

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