How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and Why It’s All An Illusion

I don’t know if you’re aware of it….

But we have a completely different world going on inside our mind.

There’s a positive and a negative.

The negative side says things like, “You’re stupid”, “You’re useless”, “You’re worthless”, “You’re such a fool”, “You’re not good enough”, “You’re not attractive enough”, etc.

We all have this going on inside of us.

The soul presents itself to us in 3 different parts.

  • Mind
  • Will
  • Emotions (heart)

We have our mind first. The mind is where all of our thoughts pop into. But you cannot control the thoughts that pop into your mind.

But we can control what it is that we choose to focus on. That’s our choice.


The 2nd part of our mind is free will. It’s our ability to choose. We can choose which thoughts to focus on and which ones to reject.

Many people naturally assume that because there’s a thought inside our head, that it’s true. Thoughts like this person’s good, that’s bad, this is a good way to live, etc.

These are just opinions. Truth is very different from opinions, and very different from our thoughts.

As mature and balanced adults, we’re able to cipher our thoughts and choose the ones that are accurate and true, and reject the ones that are inaccurate.

Self-defeating thoughts like you’re worthless, you’re not enough- we take ownership of these thoughts and accept them as truth, and then we become depressed.

If you ask a depressed person who he/she feels about themselves, they’re going to say things like, “I’m useless”, “No one loves me”, “No one cares”, etc. What they’re vocalizing are the thoughts that have popped into their head at some point in the past that they’ve accepted as truth.

The problem is….

None of us go out of our way to prove ourselves wrong. We’re all looking for ways to validate the thoughts that pop into our minds.

Every Thought Has an Emotion

Every thought that we have, has an emotional attachment to it. If you think about something negative, you will feel something negative. The emotions we attach to the thoughts will determine how we feel minute by minute. This is truth.

The 3rd part that makes you- you, is your heart (Spirit).

Have  you ever been rejected? Have you ever felt hurt? Have you ever been cheated on? Has anyone ever insulted you? How did you feel?

When people reject us and judge us unfairly, or dismiss us, or insult us- it hurts us. You feel it in your heart. It’s spiritual pain.

Who you are in spirit is still growing and developing. The Spirit is who you are.

thoughts to feelings

It’s our experiences in life, and our interpretations of them that differentiate us and make us different.

Many people internally process information and then they come to the assumption and conclusions that they come to .

If we understand how people process information, then we can completely see where people are going wrong.

Most people believe that life is lived from the outside-in. But life is actually lived from the Inside-Out. We are spiritual beings inside a physical body. Every experience we have is a spiritual experience.

People assume that some external problem they have is affecting them internally.

Internally we are spirit.

Most people are either responding or reacting to something that’s happening outside of them.


Let’s assume that there’s a man standing in the room with you. And this man says something to you that really offends you. And he means what he’s saying.

What happens? Most people respond by saying, “You’re making me feel…”

No one in the world can make you feel anything.

In order for someone to influence you emotionally (hurt or offend you). We must be first willing to seriously think about and consider what it is that they’re saying.

If someone says something to you, first you have to distinguish in your mind ‘Is this good or bad?’

If you think that what they’ve said is OK, then you’re not going to be offended by what they said. So the problem distinguishes.

But if you think about it, and you think it’s not OK being called this, then now it becomes  a problem for you.

In order to feel something, we must first focus on the thought in our mind. If you buy into what’s being said, then you will instantaneously feel something.

Every emotional state that you will ever find yourself in- every feeling will always stem from an initial thought.

We must become the master of our thoughts.

We all have some absolutely garbage thoughts that get through our head. Tons of random, abstract thoughts. Some are good, helpful, wholesome. Some are perverted, sick, etc.

We have a choice whether to act on our destructive, negative, selfish thoughts or not.

If a thought pops into your head that is neither helpful or valid, then don’t validate it, and don’t focus on it.

This isn’t an easy process. It takes time. And it’s the first step we can take towards self-control.


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