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Having a child is probably one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences. Yet, many parents nowadays find comfort in smartphones and tablets, hoping that they’ll pacify their children anytime they’re too inquisitive or difficult to handle. While getting them acquainted with technology is great, there are other ways that will help your kids grow, learn and become more creative. So, if you’re looking to help your child with some innovative learning methods, here are some tips that will help you get started:

1. Exploring the nature

exploring nature

The best way to help your child become more aware of their surroundings is to simply go out and explore everything. Just a short visit to the park can show your child various plants, trees, birds and people who are there. If your kid starts asking questions, make sure to patiently answer them, no matter how strange they might sound to you as an adult. Additionally, going to the beach or camping can help your child be more creative when it comes to solving problems and learn some crucial survival skills and techniques.

2. Getting their hands dirty

getting their hands dirty

Touching various objects will teach your kids about different shapes and materials and also help them gain some important psycho motor skills. Knowing how to touch, press and mold various shapes can be beneficial to the kid’s development and also serve as a big creativity boost. So, instead of trying to prevent your child from getting their hands dirty, you should encourage them to play with mud, modelling clay or even regular cooking dough. This can show them the way things get shaped and formed, and can also help them become more crafty and use their hands for something creative and innovative.

3. Consider a good school

Enrolling your child into good school that uses innovative learning methods can definitely be beneficial for their intellectual growth and self-esteem. A lot of places now have interesting and different teaching methods that are more focused on awakening creativity and curiosity rather than making a child memorize a bunch of random information. Additionally, many of these schools offer excellent early childhood education programs, that will help your kid grow and learn from the experienced educators. Spending time in learning facilities can also introduce your child to other like-minded kids and help them socialize and make new friends.

4. Drawing and painting

Back in the day, before all the gadgets, drawing used to be the most fun experience for kids. Even though it’s still popular, some parents seem to have forgotten what it’s like to draw and paint without any restraints to meddle with the creative process. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to increase your child’s creativity, feel free to get them crayons, watercolors or colourful markers as they’ll surely one of the most useful creativity tools out there. Learning to reproduce what they see can be a great way to get introduce your child to an outside world, and what’s even better you can combine it with trip to the park, where you can sit and draw together while enjoying the nature.

drawing and painting

5. Don’t be a micromanager

Every parent wants their child to thrive and be successful, but achieving that takes more effort than plainly enforcing your kid to learn and spend time doing intellectual activities. Instead, it’s better to be encouraging and allow your child to be a kid sometimes. That includes watching TV, playing video games or sometimes simply daydreaming. These activities as well can boost a child’s intelligence and creativity, but in that case, it’s necessary to find a balance so your kid won’t feel burdened with tasks and expectations. Overparenting and micromanaging can hardly have any positive effects, and if they ever do, it’s only for a very brief period before it starts backfiring. It’s much more effective to instill a desire to learn and pursuit creativity, rather than force them to do things they’re not interested in.

Bottom line

Being innovative and open to new experiences can surely be a great method that will awaken your child’s creativity and appetite for learning. Also, travelling, cooking, reading and watching educational videos are all the great ways to spend time together and boost creativity while also doing something enjoyable.

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