What Is a Twin Flame/ Twin Soul?


A twin flame/twin soul is your perfect half. They are a perfect reflection of you. We only have one twin soul- our true energetic counterpart. But not everyone has a twin flame.

Your twin flame is the only other being in the universe who shares the exact same Core Soul Frequency as you.

You and your twin are two aspects of the same original energy consciousness- one soul in two bodies.

One soul was split into 2 separate human beings and each went their separate ways. Each twin has continued to incarnate into the physical realm over and over to gather human experiences and to balance karma before being reunited with the other half of their soul.

Each twin is a complete soul, not a half soul. The twin flame connection is the ultimate alchemical marriage. It’s the task of each twin to become more whole together, balancing their feminine and masculine energies, and ideally becoming enlightened before they can reunite.


The Purpose of the Twin Flame/Twin Soul Connection


The real purpose of the twin flame connection is to unearth all the sh*t you’ve carried from other lifetimes, and within this one, both consciously and unconsciously, that has kept you from being who you’re meant to be.

Twin flame relationships are a path of enlightenment which is a destructive process. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the façade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything you ever imagined to be true.purpose of twin flames

It’s a path that will break you down in order to build you back up to who you’re truly meant to be.

It’s to mold you into the person who’s capable of embodying divine, unconditional love… first for yourself, and then for humanity.

Your twin flame appears in your life in order to rip back the covers on all the facades you’ve built up, the lies you’ve bought into, they ways that you keep yourself small, the hidden addictions, the secrets and lies, the deepest fears, the ways that you’ve compromised, and it tears down the defenses you’ve erected in an attempt to keep yourself “safe”.

There is nowhere to hide from your twin flame. Once the soul recognizes the other twin energetically, they feel you- even from a distance; they communicate with you telepathically; and they know the truth from the lies you tell yourself and others. The connection is intense because you can feel one another through your heart chakras, no matter the physical distance between you. A truly connected twin flame can not only feel your emotions as if they were their own, they know the things that you don’t want to verbalize. The connection is so strong, they can even feel if you are being unfaithful to them.


Twin Flame Mirroring


Your twin flame is your mirror to the soul and all of your emotional baggage. They reflect everything you don’t like about yourself and mirror it on a subconscious level.twin flame mirroring

You will see things in them that irritate or annoy you, but it’s actually in you. It always looks like the other person doing ‘that thing’, but it’s you.

They are the most powerful mirror because they are most like you. The closest being to you. It’s always going to look like they’re annoying you, they’re upsetting you, or they need to change…. But it’s you.

The biggest reason twin souls are separated is because of their emotional baggage. Any attempts at reunion with your twin will always fail because you are not quite ready.

The ego wants to focus on more practical matters rather than succumbing to the depth of such an intense love and connection.

Whatever you’re seeing in your twin, is just you looking at something outside of yourself, and seeing yourself in it. The good in others is you. The bad in others is you. The obnoxious in others, is you. The mirroring is constant and never stops. It’s the entire range of emotions, feelings, and experiences.

If you’re not willing to accept responsibility for your shit, and deal with it, then you won’t have the harmonious union together.

If you’re still in separation, there is obviously something that’s still unresolved in you and your twin is mirroring it back to you in order to be cleared. You need to clear the blocks in you so you can experience your whole self.

Your personal karma keeps you separate.

Old limiting beliefs and lies about love and unity are being spotlighted. Unconditional love- the love that lies beyond judgement. Nothing works unless we get things right inside.

What’s being mirrored to you?

Early life dysfunctional relationship patterns, unconscious abandonment fears, and emotional wounds from past relationships. We’re being asked to release old attachments, perceptions, and expectations. Step out of the old hurts clouding your vision of the future, and move into a place of joy and positive expectation.

You have to do the work and fix the inner situation first. Embody the love and peace. When you’re a match vibrationally to your twin, and you’ve both raised your consciousness, only then will you reach the reunion you desire.

Your twin can’t do the work for you. They can’t save you or ‘fix’ you. It’s your work to do.


Dealing With Your Karma


The ego thinks that things are happening ‘to’ us. The other person is messing things up for us, or that we’re a victim of circumstance. Everything we experience is created and attracted by us on some level- unconsciously or consciously.twin flame separation



One of the biggest lessons karma teaches is about love. Love is not an external source. It’s very much internal. We are not whole or incomplete with or without another human being. We ARE love. We have so many warped ideas of what love is because of the way we’ve been taught by society.

Many have sought out ‘love’ through sex and attachment. This is an illusion. There is no love in this.

Many jump from one relationship to another without ever learning the lessons that were being provided for them.

Take a look at your childhood, what lessons were there for you to learn? What beliefs did you adopt about relationships? About love? About yourself?

Many people are being taught lessons about reclaiming their power. How have you given away your power in order to simply ‘keep the peace’? Have you kept others from learning their lessons by financially supporting them and not allowing them to stand on their own? Have you disrespected yourself in relationships by not speaking your truth?

Whatever continually blocks you- the issues that keep arising between you and your twin are exactly what you need to address in order to move forwards.

It requires you to be honest with yourself and say, “OK, I created this, how can I create differently and better in the future?”

As long as we remain in disempowerment, victimhood, blaming others, looking to be ‘saved’ or ‘fixed’, our souls will continue to present us with the same hard lessons in order to wake us up.

Embrace your role as a co-creator. When you embrace this, and step into the truth of it, the whole connection changes.


Shifting The Twin Flame Connection

  1. Focus on going deep inside and connecting to your soul. What lessons are you learning and how does staying in limbo serve you? Get really focused on what you want in your life and carrying out your divine purpose.


  1. Unconditional love for your twin soul. No matter what route they choose to take, love them anyways. Let them learn their lessons in the way they choose. If they choose to stay in a self-created dungeon, let them. They’re trying to learn their soul lessons the hard way through suffering. They were the master manifestors that created their mess, so they can just as easily transform it. They are just as powerful co-creators as you are. They just haven’t worked out how to align and positively manifest yet.



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