What It’s Like Being an Indigo Adult

All this talk about indigo children, indigo adults, and crystal children… if you truly understood why we are here. What we are encoded to do, and how radically your life is going to change… you may not glorify it in the way that you do.  We are the spiritual warriors of the Lyran Star system and angelic realms incarnated on earth. Everything you think you know about life, religion/spirituality, and our connection to one another is outdated and needs to change.

Before proceeding, please read Indigo Children to know who we are and why we are here.

Did I always know that I was an Indigo child? No. I’ve always known, since childhood that I was very different from others. In a strange kind of way. I always felt like I just didn’t belong here.

I was born in 1970. A very different time in so many ways. A time of peace, love, and connection. A time of freedom to be authentically connected to our core.

I have always been very psychically in tune to things that I could never put into words, even as a young child. I’ve always looked to the stars and felt like I belonged somewhere ‘out there’ and not here. I’ve always had a connection to the angelic realm without knowing exactly why.

Being an indigo child is often hard. Because you feel much older, wiser, and more mature than other kids your age, you often connect better with adults than you do your own peers. You never really feel like you ‘fit’ anywhere. You’re the odd ball that others can’t connect with or have lasting relationships with.

Throughout life it’s hard as hell to have relationships on any level. While you’re very empathic and feel deeply for everyone, you are also rather disconnected from physical intimacy and things like hugs and affection. Part of that comes from enduring karmic cycles and patterns throughout life. And the other part comes from feeling like we need to take a step back and allow others to live their lives to learn their lessons as well.

Being both an indigo adult as well as a Scorpio has made things incredibly hard at times. I’m very direct and do not possess the ability to sugar coat things. I say exactly what I’m thinking and feeling in the moment. This leads to many hurt feelings and damaged egos often.  The reason indigo adults approach life in this way is because we don’t like to have things build up inside of us because of the way it leaves us feeling energetically. We would rather deal with things in the moment, transmute the energy, and move forwards in a balanced state of being.

We are very heart-centered and compassionate people. We don’t say things to hurt others. We try to teach from our own experiences in order to help others become the best possible version of themselves. Others don’t experience us in this way.

Our psychic abilities and inner knowing is often intimidating to others. When we try to teach from a heart-centered place, it’s often perceived as being ‘bossy” or being a “know it all”. It’s a hard road for us to travel at times, especially within intimate relationships.

Since we possess a big picture view of what humanity will look like after ascension, it is incredibly hard for us to watch people remain stagnant. We can see how beautiful things will be once humanity evolves, and when people are not in alignment with that big picture reality, we have this bomb go off in our heads that screams, “how could you not want this?!” “Why can’t you just see this is the right way to proceed?” We have a hard time with the concept that others are not as spiritually aware as we are.

I came to this planet with very defined healing abilities that took me a long time to get used to. For as long as I can remember I have had this unexplainable connection to animals of all kinds. I have walked up to dogs that others told me were aggressive, viscious, or didn’t like people, and have had these animals lay at my feet acting like puppies.

When animals or humans have been sick or on their death beds, anytime I am near them I can feel my energy give them peace and comfort, and usually within 3 days of being near me, they have died. The last person I was near in this capacity was my own father who had been fighting cancer. He killed the cancer cells through homeopathic treatments, and would have been on a road to recovery. 3 days after seeing him last, he had a heart attack and passed away. This hit me harder than anything else I’d ever been through.

For the longest time I didn’t understand my healing abilities. I saw it more as a curse than a blessing. I believed I was an angel of death and was afraid to get close to anyone who was sick.

I have often been told throughout my life that I have a natural healing aura. That those who spend time in my presence are calmed and peaceful. I’ve been called an earth angel because of it.

What it made me realize after hearing it enough times is that my healing abilities are not meant to be a bad thing. I heal energies and give people peace. If it is their time to be called home, I can give them peace for that final journey- both human and animal.

The other part of this that I’ve always had a problem with is that people gravitate towards me because of my peaceful aura, yet I am very energetically sensitive. I cannot be near people with negative energies. When I’m in a room full of people I am so sensitive to their varied energies that I have to get away from them and back to my home where I can control the energies I feel. I can become centered and balanced again. My home is my sacred zone and I don’t let many people into this space because of their energies and how it affects me at a core level.

People are often oblivious to their energetic field and how it interacts with absolutely everyone and everything around them.

I’m also very sound sensitive. In a room full of people with so much noise, my ears do not filter it out and compartmentalize it. It’s like screeching white noise blasting through my ear drums and I instantly need to disappear and reground myself. Sound affects me just as deeply as individual energies. I can often hear things that others cannot.

My psychic and intuitive abilities are laser sharp. I energetically know when someone is lying or hiding something from me. Being very aligned with my integrity makes this an extreme challenge for me.

The more I become attuned to the archangels and align more with Christ Consciousness, the stronger my healing abilities and all other abilities become, and the more I awaken to the truth of my existence.

It is hard enough being an Indigo, but once the universe decides to throw in the twin flame dynamics and you’re suddenly going through the ascension process as well as the twin flame accelerated joint ascension process, you begin to lose your footing quickly. You can go from incredibly balanced to suicidal in a literal heartbeat.

Since we are expected to ‘catch up’ and clear all of the karmic residue, ascend and evolve at a much faster rate than the rest of humanity, it becomes unbearable at times. Each time I have cleared something and have become more aligned with Christ Consciousness, or become more spiritually aware, I endured physical symptoms that would drop many others.

I have literally felt my soul try to push out of my physical body which leaves you instantly feeling nauseous and wanting to vomit. I’ve felt my eyes wanting to disconnect from their sockets and pop out. Often times I’m walking somewhere outside of my home when these things hit me. Out of nowhere I get dizzy, lightheaded, want to vomit, and feel like my eyes are being ripped out all at the same time. It’s the light body expanding and creating room within the physical container. It’s not a pleasant experience.


The Indigo Adult In a Twin Flame Process

But the things is that I’m not simply going through an ascension like everyone else. And not simply because I’m an indigo trying to play catch up. I’m also being faced with the mirroring effects of being in a twin flame relationship which have forced me to face my darkness and evolve.

Within the twin flame dynamic, it’s like working at half capacity if you are not in physical union with your twin. Twins are two exact match blueprint souls. One soul residing in two bodies. They are energetically connected and affect and influence one another in that capacity as well.

Because the feminine energy is typically more spiritually aware and aligned, when the masculine isn’t pulling his weight by following his spiritual path and clearing his karmic baggage, it affects the feminine. She then goes through her lessons much faster, clears things energetically, which automatically helps clear him at a much faster rate. She is doing the work for both of them and he reaps the benefits.


Without even dealing with the mission that comes from being an Indigo child or indigo adult, simply being one in this incarnation is incredibly hard. Everything leading up to walking your soul path is enough to drop anyone to their knees and beg for mercy. And it’s not like we can just openly talk to anyone and say, ‘hey here’s what I’m dealing with’, because most people have no real concept of their own evolutionary path, let alone what the path of an indigo or crystal child might involve. The concept is light years beyond them still. This path is not one to be glorified with some Hollywood Star of Fame.


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