Your Miraculous Heart

The heart is the strongest muscle in the human body. It’s ability for giving and receiving is limitless. Our heart actually has an innate wisdom of its own, comparable to that of our brains, even though it’s not connected to the mind. Were you aware that the heart is actually the true intellectual center of our being?

Our hearts have over 40,000 neurons, just like the human brain. What this means for us is that when the heart leads the mind we become more focused and relaxed. When we activate the intelligence of our hearts, our creativity and intuition increase and stress & anxiety decrease.

For most of us, the heart is one of our most guarded areas. We have this natural tendency to build walls around it when we don’t feel secure, if we feel powerless, or if we experience physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or trauma.  After experiencing any of this we tend to feel vulnerable and helpless and what is perceived as vulnerable is what we tend to protect.  Protection can take on several different forms including, believing that we can be broken or destroyed, isolation, shutting down emotionally due to fear of future pain, or pushing away the ones who love us most.

Underneath all the fear and lies we tell ourselves, denial, and stories, is the truth of our heart’s true nature. One of the stories we adopt and continually tell ourselves is that people can hurt our heart. The truth is that people can hurt our physical bodies, but the physical body isn’t “you”. You can be crippled by emotional pain but your essence or soul is untouched. Believing that you are your physical body and that “you” can be hurt, brings constant physical and emotional pain.

In human psychology there are only really two things that truly motivate people to do anything. We will do anything to move away from pain/ avoid pain, or to move closer to pleasure.  When we live our lives to avoid pain we tend to chase after things that only bring us fleeting moments of pleasure and then we wonder why we feel unfulfilled.

When you are constantly replaying your emotional or physical fears over and over again in your mind then you become stuck focusing solely on survival. And when you link that survival to the question of whether or not you are lovable, you remain in the flight or fight mode going nowhere. It becomes a crazy 8 cycle of highs and lows repeating the same patterns. You begin to look at everyone you encounter with these broken glasses. You are on high alert looking for signs of rejection, abandonment, or potential pain and when you’re doing that, it becomes your focus.

If you’ve learned anything thus far you know that what you focus on becomes your reality. So if you are focusing on potential rejection then you are going to create scenarios where that’s exactly what’s going to happen to you and then it will feed into yet another story of how this person has done this to you. But the reality is that you’ve done it to yourself.

When we become heart-centered, we shift our focus and understand with a ‘knowing’ that we will always be loved and supported by the Universe and that nothing can truly hurt us. The mind then has the ability to rest so the heart can calm the nervous system and find more creative solutions when we feel threatened.

Another false story that we tend to tell ourselves is one about finding that “one” person who will make us whole. Who will love us unconditionally and make our lives blissful. For some people, the need to live out that romantic fantasy is so strong that they get into relationships that don’t serve them just so they can be part of a ‘couple’ and feel like somebody. Others will just stay in a relationship long after it’s dead so they don’t have to face being alone.

The opposite end of the scale in the search for ‘the one’ is that if we do happen to find them, then chances are we still have all of this emotional baggage full of limitations, self-doubt, feeling unworthy, and such that you spend the entire relationship worrying about how you’re going to keep this person with you, or you end up running from them in order to protect yourself from possible pain that probably wouldn’t have happened if you just put your whole heart into the relationship.

Your heart does not need outside acceptance, love or support to be whole. It’s already whole. YOU are already whole. If you cannot become “one” with your own heart and fill yourself with self-love, you cannot merge with another person and expect it to fulfill you. Another person’s love is meant only to enhance what’s already going on inside of you, it doesn’t create you or make you become someone you’re not.

Here’s the thing…. Real love is unconditional. It is complete acceptance of the strengths, the weaknesses, the flaws and imperfections.  If you cannot love absolutely every part of you, how can you expect someone else to? If you’re full of insecurities about yourself, you are going to attract back to you people who are going to feed into those insecurities so you can remain comfortable. If however you fully love and accept yourself, you will attract a partner who not only gives you the same unconditional love, but they enhance the beauty that is you.

Sometimes you may encounter another person who will love you unconditionally, flaws, fears, and all your quirks because they see the depths of your soul, even if you are unable to fully love yourself. Those kind of people are rare. If you happen to attract one into your life, allow their love to fully penetrate your soul. Do not allow fear to overshadow the love that has been brought into your life to help you heal. It is a gift from the divine that has been brought to you because you deserve it. Allow yourself to be completely immersed in their love and open yourself up to giving all your love in return. Love is not only the most powerful force on the planet, it is also surprising with its ability to heal everything and everyone within its aura.

When you live your life in a heart-centered state you adopt the truth that nothing can hurt the real you. You fully accept that you don’t need anything or anyone to be complete and you will finally feel the unchangeable, limitless, unified spirit that you are. You will automatically choose the right type of relationships to be in that won’t be based on fear. They will come from a place of unconditional self-love. No part of you will close down because you will know that your heart cannot be broken and you will give your love freely and openly.

It is time to fall in love with YOU. ALL of you. Including the parts of you that you don’t really like. It’s time to accept that you are worthy of love- great love! It’s time to understand and accept that true healing comes when you stop looking outside of yourself for love and open yourself up to the limitless love that already exists within you.

The most intimate relationship you will ever have in this lifetime is with yourself, but if you cannot love every part of yourself, then everything is going to be out of balance and you will never feel whole.

Compassion is the key. Love yourself fiercely with compassion. Stop being so hard on yourself. It’s time to look at yourself and say, “You know what? I’m flawed in some areas. There’s some work to do here, but I am a child of the divine. I am perfect. I am worthy. I am limitless. I am indestructible and cannot be broken. I AM Enough!”

When you say those words to yourself, be aware of the inner judge who will pop up and challenge them. Your inner judge is sitting back on is lunch break with a martini looking at you saying, “Yep, it’s time to sit down. You can’t honestly believe all of that stuff, right? Because for as long as I’ve been around you’ve been presenting your case as the complete opposite. We can’t have that now.”

So notice what pops up as you repeat those words to yourself. Release the self-doubt, criticism, and judgment with compassion and fill yourself up with love until the judge learns to accept the new facts that are presented to her.


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